Input external Composite (camera) in cadet series

Hey guys,
when i want to input external composite signal into the cadet series, what do i need per mininum?
I thought about this signal chain: composite signal from camera or video -> Cadet II Video Input -> Cadet I Sync Generator -> processing the signal with other modules -> Cadet II RGB Encoder -> TV
Will this work?

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something like that.
sync in -> sync out -> video in -> luma out to other modules -> encoder -> tv

you can split the b/w luma to other modules to colorize the signal
the sandin function generator works very good, as well as the Castle range

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camera video -> sync in -> horizontal sync pulse + vertical sync pulse -> X and Y of vector monitor
camera video -> sync in /out -> video in -> luma out to Z
do i get with this setup the image on the vector monitor?

If the question is for the absolute minimum number of modules to get video into a vector display, you need sync in, video in, and a ramp generator (for the XY sweeps).
In other words Cadets [I, III, IV]

Wondering if I can get some guidance. I’ve got a Cadet system with some additional parts from reverselandfill and Fox that I’ve been playing around with for a while, but am very much a video noob.

I picked up a Sony DCR-SR100 off eBay, which is an NTSC device with a composite out (kind of anyways, it’s some weird proprietary pin jack on the camera side with RCA on the other side).

So I thought this would work with the Cadet stuff. I’m trying to go Camera → Sync Generator → Video In. I am getting output from the camera but it is always scrolling horizontally at a quick rate. This is the same behaviour I get if I just go Camera into the Video In. Is there something about this camera that doesn’t jive with the Cadet inputs, is my Sync Gen build faulty (works otherwise), or am I missing something else?

Thanks for any insights!

Is your Cadet I set to NTSC or PAL timing?

Are you plugging your camera into the top RCA jack of Cadet I and then taking its bottom RCA output into your Cadet III’s top RCA input and monitoring from its 3.5mm Luma out into your Cadet II Encoder?

It might be helpful to post a picture of your patch to be sure.

EDIT: You may also need to make sure you’re outputting the correct 4:3 aspect ratio:

Also, do you have any other composite video sources you could use to compare?

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Hey rempesm thanks for the response,

Yes, that is exactly the setup. I suppose I could post a picture but it would just show that patch. Thanks for the 4:3 tip, changed that but behaviour is the same.

I have the Sync Gen and the Encoder both set to NTSC, and I cycled the power.

I don’t believe I have any other composite video source.

Perhaps there’s something else going on in the settings for this camera, I’ll see what I can find.

Another bit of information which may or may not be relevant is that the camera exhibits this behaviour no matter what it is doing, displaying pictures, playing a recorded video, or monitoring the live input.

If you have the means to borrow or acquire another 480i composite video source, I’d highly suggest trying that. This will give you vital information on whether your Cadet I’s genlock function is working correctly or not. If you’re getting a valid video output from the Cadet II, it’s likely fine (or at least the internal sync generation is working) but in this case, trying to genlock the system from another source would be my first troubleshooting step.

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So I discovered that my mother-in-laws cable box has composite out. The behaviour is the same with that, image constantly scrolling left. So that rules out the camera.

I’ve been reworking the joints on my Sync Generator and Video Input. The behaviour is identical whether I just plug directly into the Video Input or the Sync Generator → Video In, which makes me think that the issue is with the Video Input, but I’m really not sure.

I shall keep fiddling with it. If someone who understands the schematics at a deeper level has any insight into what might cause the video input to scroll leftwards at a constant and quick rate, your insight would be deeply appreciated. Perhaps something with the LM1881?

Worst case scenario I imagine would be that I ESD-ed a chip, as they are installed sans sockets. But I’m beginning to worry I may have pooched the LM1881 -.-

EDIT: also it seems the LM1881N is no longer available. >.<

Bummer, sorry to hear that’s not genlocking correctly but at least you know it’s not the camera.

Can you post some hi-res, in-focus shots of the front and back of your Cadet I board? We might be able to help you spot an issue before you start replacing chips.

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Sure, here’s the Cadet I Sync Gen:

(looks like there’s a bit of solder mess around pin 1 of the atmegga, just cleaned that up)
And here’s the Cadet III Video Input:

Can we see the top-side as well? As sharp of focus as you can manage is really helpful here. The above photos are just a touch blurry so it’s difficult to visually inspect them.

Unfortunately my phone doesn’t take very good pictures.

But anyhow I don’t have a bad eye for solder joints, these boards aren’t my best work but I have been going over them and addressing joints that look iffy. Which is why I’m concerned it’s a blown chip.

Should I move this question to a new thread? The platform keeps reminding me that the issue in this thread is solved and I guess my problem isn’t really about the camera. Not very familiar with the forum here.

EDIT: I just realized this isn’t in the DIY section, sorry about that. I really don’t quite get this forum platform yet. I’m going to respost my question in the DIY section.