Input external Composite (camera) in cadet series


Hey guys,
when i want to input external composite signal into the cadet series, what do i need per mininum?
I thought about this signal chain: composite signal from camera or video -> Cadet II Video Input -> Cadet I Sync Generator -> processing the signal with other modules -> Cadet II RGB Encoder -> TV
Will this work?


something like that.
sync in -> sync out -> video in -> luma out to other modules -> encoder -> tv

you can split the b/w luma to other modules to colorize the signal
the sandin function generator works very good, as well as the Castle range


camera video -> sync in -> horizontal sync pulse + vertical sync pulse -> X and Y of vector monitor
camera video -> sync in /out -> video in -> luma out to Z
do i get with this setup the image on the vector monitor?


If the question is for the absolute minimum number of modules to get video into a vector display, you need sync in, video in, and a ramp generator (for the XY sweeps).
In other words Cadets [I, III, IV]