Visual Cortex Troubeshooting

I’m struggling with the Visual Cortex and I don’t know if it’s just me or a hardware issue. When I first bought this module my monitor would see a signal but it was black. Couldn’t get anything to display although it was see the both outputs. I then brought it to a local shop to test it and it worked fine. After that I did a project with a friend and it worked fine then as well. And now I’m back to seeing nothing displayed. I tried to feed the vidiot and my camcorder thru it with no luck. Vidiot display just fine when i plug directly into my monitor. Any thoughts??? I’m losing my mind

That sounds frustrating. Did you check the NTSC/PAL and sync settings on your Cortex?

Yes… even switched it to make sure.

Are you patching the Cortex, or just plugging it in to the monitor, unpatched?

Tried both. I have a camcorder and a vidiot that I tried feed thru it. Also tried feeding the visual cortex to the vidiot.

Could you upload some photos of the patches you are trying, or maybe some video?
If the Cortex is working with everything but your monitor, it would be best to use a different monitor.