Memory Palace - Oscillation and Horizontal Lines?

I have to apologise in advance, I am very new to all of this so forgive me if I’m doing something obviously wrong/have missed something. I am doing my best to learn from the resources available

I have just picked up my Memory Palace, and immediately have noticed that from my first patch (Cortex Ramp -> Doorway -> Staircase -> MP Red in (52) CVBS Video Out 1 (33) )
There is quite a noticeable amount of ‘oscillation’, which seems to be much stronger in the middle of my display (PVM).

I am also outputting to a digital monitor using the DVI Out / supploed HDMI Converter, where this oscillation is again present, but also whenever there is any movement on screen (e.g, threshold change on Doorway) the top third of the screen is overcome with thin horizontal lines, and there is often a flickering and a delay before the display ‘catches up’. The Delay Slider (44) is all the way down.

If I route the MP through the cortex, this flickering is not visible on my PVM.

Lastly (and I’m not sure if this is just a default setting) if I center the physical Softness Slider, it is not centered on the Display.

I am using the XL Power System from L-1 (meant to be very quiet in general) and the only modules on the secondary bus board are: Cortex, MP, Staircase Doorway & Bridge

Any direction at all would be really appreciated


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Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Could you post a video demonstrating the issue and using the CVBS output from Memory Palace? What are the menu settings that produce the issue?
What are the specs of the L-1 XL psu? I could only find info about the regular L-1 supply, which wouldn’t provide enough current.

“Lastly (and I’m not sure if this is just a default setting) if I center the physical Softness Slider, it is not centered on the Display.”
Could you share a photo of the display when the softness slider is centered? Have you tried restoring defaults in the menu?

There is currently a known issue with DVI which will be solved in the upcoming firmware.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Softness Setting - Can see the slider is noticeably higher than the others in the display

I have tried restoring to defaults

Oscillation on monitor using DVI Out

Oscillation on PVM using CVBS output


Power supply: I’d need to get in touch with Aleksei from L-1, I know that it’s 1.5A per rail, but not sure about the rest of the specs form the std version. I believe Lars is familiar with Aleksei/his power supply.

Is there any difference with the DVI issues in v19? With that said…I can’t seem to find the ‘Enable USB Access’ or the ‘second page’ of settings…

Thanks again


Thanks for the videos–they are helpful.
Do you have a 12V 1A power adapter (with positive tip) around that you could plug into the barrel power input on Memory Palace? That would help us determine if you are getting enough power.
Another option would be to isolate Memory Palace on your power supply and set it to internal sync.
Are you getting oscillations when using the stored images?
You definitely don’t want to install previous firmware. The current, installed V19 firmware is the best yet. DVI issues will be solved in the upcoming firmware.


Also, what are your Palace menu settings for the videos?
And the other menu pages can be accessed repeatedly by pressing the Red button.

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I’ve ordered a powder adapter and will try that and isolating it next week once it arrives.

When you ask what are the Palace menu settings, do you mean in ‘Params’ menu or ‘System’ ?

The only menu pages I see are Params, System & Media, I can’t see a ‘second page’ of settings or the ‘Enable USB Access’

Great to hear the DVI issues will be solved in the next release :slight_smile:

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What are your patch settings in the PARAMS menu?

“USB Storage” is the first option in the SYSTEM menu.

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Apologies for the delay on this. Postal service is slow atm (understandably), I have just received the power adapter.

I have tried using the additional external adapter, but am still getting the same ‘oscillation’ effect.

I have some audio modules arriving after the bank holiday, at which point I am taking apart my rack to rearrange so I will try isolating the MP on it’s own power at this point also.

To answer the other questions (before doing this)

“Are you getting oscillations when using the stored images?” - Yes, equally as strong

Patch settings in the PARAMS menu are as follows:
Patch: Warp
Route: ARGB inputs only
Key Mode: Luma
Aux Mode: Mesh

How would I check what current version is loaded?

Edited: Missed the info in the manual about powering with external adapter and bus power

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Just to chip in, I believe you can’t power MP with just an external adapter.
As per the manual: “an external 12V DC 1A Wall Wart Power Adapter can be used to augment (not replace) your EuroRack power supply.”

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I was just looking through the manual and saw this / am trying it now! Thanks :slight_smile:

  • have edited my previous post in case others come across this thread
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“How would I check what current version is loaded?”
From your menu report, I can tell that you have V19 installed.
I look forward to your report of the MemPal’s behavior isolated and on internal sync.

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Tested today whilst isolated and set to internal sync, on both the L-1 and the Doepfer A-100 power (for fun/to see the difference), with the additional power supply. The same effect is still there, albeit much more visible on the Doepfer power (to be expected).

I can’t see any noticeable difference through using the external adapter, in either case.

Unless there’s anything else i’ve missed, it seems we have answered my question here! I’ll be scoping out the suggested Malekko power once it’s back in stock :slight_smile:

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@Z0NK0UT Any ideas why the softness slider is much higher on the display? :face_with_monocle:

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That’s a V19 bug. Already fixed in upcoming V20 revision.


V19 has been giving me some of the same wobble and glitches. Happens with analog or digital video outs. Hopefully v20 sorts this. Only way I’ve been able to make v19 bugs not noticeable is to run it through a Fluxus Duo. But that’s kinda like using a jack hammer to scratch your nose :stuck_out_tongue:

In video below a Vidiot’s 1v RGB are going into MP and I am just cycling Tile button with all other faders in a neutral position. The image will glitch out while changing any of the MP faders. Also gltiches in the same way if I manipulate controls on Vidiot like RGB values, H / V oscillator frequency, pretty much any time the image changes it is prone to some kind of glitching.

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This has already been ironed out in V20, luckily.
I’m a little worried that some will miss the glitchiness of V19. It’s a whole genre, after all.


Not sure if there is better posted somewhere else but; as the MP will only power up if both the Bus power and external adapter are switched on, are there any problems with having the bus power on (to power other modules in my rack) but the external power off? I’m finding it useful to be able to keep the MP off (no fan noise when i’m just using audio modules is great) whilst powering other modules in the case, but don’t want to potentially damage the MP.

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MemPal requires a little power on the -12V rail, so you’ll need to leave it plugged into the bus. If you don’t augment with the external supply, the module will continue to draw power on the +12V rail as well.

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Sorry, what I am asking is:

if there is power going to the MP from the rails and the power adapter is plugged in but not switched on, the MP does not switch on. This is a bonus for me because it means if i’m not using the MP/ just doing audio work, I can leave the power adapter switched off and therefore the MP stays switched off and there’s no fan noise. BUT, will this cause any damage to the MP?

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No it shouldn’t cause any damage.