Memory Palace Slider Issue / Bugs

So, I’ve noticed a few slight bugs / issues whilst using my Memory Palace module.

The first one I’ve noticed was whist using the following settings PAINT / ARGB / CHRO / MASK. the SOFTNESS slider on display is permanently stuck on the lowest setting. Moving the slider itself doesn’t change it at all.

I’ve also noticed (in the same settings) that if you press the COLORIZE button. the HUE slider on display automatically starts going up and down by itself. The only way to stop it is to press the COLORIZE button again.

video below displays the 2nd issue

The final thing I’ve noticed is whilst you’re in the following settings WARP / ARGB / CHRO / ALPHA.

The A/B Slider on display only goes as high as half way, then it gets stuck. Moving the slider all the way up still leaves it half way on display.

Not 100% sure if this is just my unit that this fault is showing up on or if it’s a bug in the firmware.

Would love it if MP users could also try it out and see if you get the same result.

what firmware are you currently on?

if you look at some of the other threads already started about memory palace these issues are discussed

I know I’ve brought up AUX slider issue specifically myself

yes the colorize button starts automation for hue which is dependent on the current value of the hue slider and works in the same bipolar way that the rotation control does.
in the first video when you turn off colorize it looks like the hue slider is all the way down just put it in the middle when you turn on colorize to stop the movement

I’m using the latest V19 firmware of MP.
Thank you for providing a link to the V19 Firmware thread for me.
Probably would’ve been better to post this topic in it instead of creating a new one on its own.

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The Softness slider visualization and AUX slider bugs have been fixed in the upcoming firmware revision. As stated above, Colorize automates the Hue control, so that is normal.

Has there been an updated firmware release since this topic was last discussed? I am now experiencing a bug with the softness and aux sliders similar to what was described above on a week old MP with what I understand to be the latest firmware (is V19 still the latest?) so if there has been a fix for this since last June it’d be great to know. Thanks!

Followup: turned the MP back on this morning, reinstalled factory firmware, and after some fiddling around the aux and softness sliders are working again.

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The latest firmware is V2.0.1 (beta):