Is this a sync issue?

How do I fix the horizontal scrolling? The big black cross constantly scrolls across my screen


Hey Jeff! This artifact could be caused by a number of things to include video format mismatch, sync rate issues, or potentially a shutter sync issue caused by your capturing device. In general, these sorts of questions are challenging to answer without more information. We should start with an explanation of all the devices involved in this signal chain.


wow. I’d give that a preliminary “yes, it’s a sync issue”. The H and Vsync are off by enough to almost give you an unintentional pulse-cross reference.


Yes, it looks like your source is not synchronized to the system, as 7pip mentions can you describe your connections and devices? Is this output from Vidiot, Visual Cortex, or something different? Where are you connecting your video source? What kind of video source are you using? Does the image look correct (other than the fact that it’s scrolling)?


Ok I am using a Sony TRV 950 as the input, going into the Color TBC 1/8" to composite, and then into the Visual Cotrex. If I try this with the video sync generator (camera 1/8" out to composite into video sync generator and then into the visual cortex it does the same thing), or if I try the camera (1/8" out to composite into the triple video interface and then into the visual cortex it does the same thing).

BUT if I do go camera to 1/8" out to composite into the visual cortex component input, it works.

I’m not very into tech about configuring stuff but I’m definitely more interested as a user.

Here’s some photos of what I’m using. Not really any clue what I’m doing hardware-wise, but once I have the footage imported into after effects I’m comfortable.

Thank you so much for the help gang!!!


Ah! It sounds like maybe you don’t have the Color TBC module connected to system sync. This module uses the legacy 14-pin sync bus (which Cortex can supply an output for). You’ll need a 14-pin IDC cable or a chaining cable like the one we offer here:

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