Vidiot and Visual Cortex not syncing properly

Hello everyone! Need some help troubleshooting my system. Just got my Vessel and put everything in and powered it up. I followed the sample from LZX on a YouTube about running my Vidiot into my Visual Cortex. When I do it looks like it is having issues syncing with each other. The NTSC light is on the VC and the Vidiot is set to NTSC, but the lock light flashes. This creates a flash on the screen that matches the pulse of the lock light. Not sure if it is a power source issue or something else. I put a 8 sec video link for reference of the light flashing. Thanks for any help! New to all this.

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take a look here specifically at the sync section
there is a vidiot picture that I’ve put up that describes my setup
most of the time the issue with the vidiot has to do with a wrong input / output setup

so the most helpful thing you can do if you aren’t sure would be take a picture of the back of your vidiot with everything plugged in also take a picture of the back of the visual cortex

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Thank you for the link! I will try that out. I was running the video out of the Vidiot into the video in of the VC. I thought that was how the LZX YouTube video directed set up.

You will also want to connect the sync output from the Cortex to the sync input jack on the back of the Vidiot.


Thanks for the tip! I should be getting my sync cables in soon!

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You will only need a 2.5mm (1/8") cable for the connection.

I found some extra cables and got the Vidiot synced.
Now I noticed a visual issue. Its not the Vidiot, because I see it with it connected and not, it does it with the Visual Cortex. It is a line on the left side of the screen and the bottom of the screen that is alway there. Does anyone know what could cause it? I wanted to try to have a consistent symmetry with the imagery and this trows it off for me. It smudges the pattern a bit. You can see it in this screen shot. ScreenShotLZXTest

That is odd. Is it there no matter if you are just using the Cortex on its own, patched internally?

Do you see the same issue on multiple displays/recording devices?

I broke it all down and patched it back up with just the VC and don’t see the lines. I will run it back again through the Vidiot and see. Might have bee my Blackmagic too. That thing is a bit quirky.

Just received my Memory Palace, very excited, but one quick syncing question. Do I run sync out from the Visual Cortex to the in/loop thru of the MP then sync out from MP to sync A or B of Vessel? Also do I set it to external on the MP? What do I set loop thru/ext sync/terminate to? I want to be able to also sync my Vidiot to the Vessel A or B sync out for Vidiot use.

Yes, these are the correct connections to use Visual Cortex as your sync source. You want the MP sync source set to EXTERNAL since it’s coming from VC, and you want the loop switch set to THRU since MP is not terminating the sync signal, you are passing that through to the Vessel bulkhead connector. Note that you want to use the two Loop Sync RCA connectors on the Memory Palace, not the Sync Out, since MP is not generating sync in your configuration. This is the same as my setup, except I’m also going THRU a Prismatic Ray after MP before leaving the Vessel. I also just received my MP today and set it up like this (VC -> MP -> Prismatic Ray -> Vessel sync connector -> Vidiot). Also make sure you center the MP sliders, with them all pulled to the bottom it’s likely that the image will be out of frame.

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Awesome! Thank you for the help!