Vidiot sync question

Hi. Would I be able to run a camera into the Vidiot but also run an external sync signal from something like the visual cortex into the 1/8th inch jack sync in? And if so, which signal would be output on the sync loop out?

Hello. You could either run the camera into Vidiot and then loop the sync out from Vidiot to Visual Cortex – or, preferably, run a camera into Visual Cortex and sync Vidiot to the Cortex.
What are you trying to accomplish with your patch?

Thanks. I’m trying to figure out how to sync the vidiot, visual cortex, and cadets altogether with a camera.

Best to use Visual Cortex as your sync master. Send RCA sync out from Cortex (front or rear) into Vidiot’s video input, then Vidiot loop through output to your Cadet I. Best to run your camera into Cortex.

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Thanks. If I were to get the tbc2 could I sync the visual cortex to that, and then sync the Vidiot and the cadets to the visual cortex? Just wondering if it’s unnecessary to have to cadet sync module if I can just sync the cadet oscillators to the visual cortex directly.

Neither Cortex nor Vidiot has a TBC on its input, so if there is a camera going into either one, that camera needs to be its sync source.

You can work around this limitation by genlocking (syncing) your camera(s) before inputting them into your LZX system. You’ll just have to run one output from the LZX into the external genlock. Using old security cameras with built-in genlock (I have a couple Panasonic WV-BL200s) is usually the cheapest/easiest way to achieve this. But you can also use an external TBC.


Thanks, but I don’t understand. Couldn’t I plug the camera into the tbc2 and then sync the visual cortex to that, and then sync the cadets to the visual cortex and the vidiot to the visual cortex? I don’t understand how that’s different than what you’re suggesting with using an external time base corrector.

from what I understand yes and you could use 3 input sources - cameras, etc

1 into the VC
2 and 3 into the TBC2

if you wanted to add a 4th, via the vidiot, you would want to genlock that

Honestly, syncing a system with only one external input is generally pretty easy. Like, if that is the intent, you probably don’t need to ask about a bunch of different possible scenarios. One camera only: assume you will be able to figure it out. (There is also absolutely no reason to have a TBC2 in this scenario, since you can input into the Cortex. Though, okay, if you want full color, it is admittedly sometimes frustrating that it can only accept component and not composite.)

It becomes more difficult with additional inputs, so I guess I was more anticipating your next question than answering your most recent one. (Having a TBC2 would simplify this because it can sync incoming camera inputs rather than needing to sync to them. But, if you only need two inputs, and already have a Cortex and Vidiot, buying a security cam is WAY cheaper than getting a TBC2.)

…But I will say that I have never tried using both RCA and the 14-pin sync at the same time from Visual Cortex (I have avoided the deprecated sync method), but my understanding is that, yes, they both work simultaneously.

Thanks. Yes I would be wanting to use two cameras. I was envisioning two cameras>tbc2>vc>vidiot/cadets simultaneously and then multiple different outs being mixed/keyed/switched together in a V8.

TBC2 + Visual Cortex = a eurorack video mixer for mixing two separate sources.

Thanks all. New scenario. Here’s my set up and the question:

I’m running the visual cortex as my master sync.

I’m taking one sync signal out the back of the visual cortex and syncing the cadets via the old 14 pin method.

I’m taking another sync signal out the back of the visual cortex and syncing a diver.

I also want to sync the vidiot to the visual cortex. But, I want to have a camera running through the vidiot and have the vidiot be where I manipulate the incoming camera feed.
Is this possible?

One way to make that possible is to use the camera as your master sync and loop the signal through Vidiot into Cortex, then Diver. The success of this method will rely on the strength of the camera sync signal. I have had success with this method, syncing Memory Palace.

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Thanks, with a set up like that are there any glitches/problems to watch out for? Or is it that it will either simply work or not work?

You could try putting Diver before Cortex, as it may be the weak link. It’s worth experimenting and trying different things.

The first thing I thought of was to take the blackburst-sync from the thru on Diver to the camera input on Vidiot, then plug the camera into Cortex and take the Luma out to the Luma in on Vidiot. Then you can treat it like a Vidiot camera workflow but with Cortex sync.

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