Can I generate a Genlock signal from the Visual Cortex?

I have some CCTV cameras and they have a Genlock input.
Is it possible to generate a signal to drive this from the VC? I hope that doing so would allow me to sync multiple camera in’s.
I would also like to take a video signal in to the Cortex and generate (duplicate?) Genlock out to a camera, so that the CCTV camera signal is synchronized with the incoming video.
Would splitting the Green of a component signal work as a Genlock signal?

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You can use the composite outs as genlock signals. Any composite signal should do, but it must come from the video synth. There’s also a sync out socket at the back of the VC that should work, if you can connect a cable from inside the case to the camera.

For your second question, I think a TBC module will be required. (There are alternatives, however.) You may have to wait for the TBC2 module as the original LZX TBC is discontinued. On the plus side, with a TBC2, you should be able to connect up to 6 cameras! (3 b/w synced cameras into each component input.)

A TBC2 will be cheaper than buying a second VC and syncing that to the first VC via the sync in/out sockets on the backs. I don’t recommend doing that just to get a synced camera input plus other video input.

An extreme option would be to find someone willing to sell you a TVI module. This is a discontinued LZX product but it’ll give you 3 camera inputs and 3 sync outputs. This module makes sync distribution easy. You won’t need video distribution amps or chain the sync to multiple cameras from a single feed. The latter required setting the impedance switch on the cameras, assuming they all have this feature. All the cameras I know of with sync in have this, but that’s something to check before you buy.


Also, the Cortex has Sync on the Green component output, so you can save your composite outs for signals…


Thanks so much for that information.
I have got my Cortex synced to an incoming video signal through the component inputs. I have composite outs from the RGB Encoder and Cortex providing genlock information for two CCTV cameras. The output from the cameras can be plugged into any LZX input.
This works great.

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