Camera sync and video mixers

Are there any video mixers which would give me a monitor out/pass-through of a camera signal and also time base correct it? I have a Roland V8 and I was hoping that the preview outs would apply time base correction to the camera signals but as far as I can tell there’s no way to make that happen. I was looking to send feeds from multiple cameras through the mixer into various lzx gear.

TBC2 might be the easiest way to achieve this. How many different camera feeds do you want to process?

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I was hoping for as many as four cameras. Doesn’t the tbc2 only process two? Also it’s a bit out of my price range!

I guess even something like a mixer with multiple assignable outs would work. Just looking to time base correct multiple cameras and then be able to send the feeds into visual cortex/vidiot/multiple cadet video inputs to extract the Luma out and patch it throughout the system.

It might be pricey, but the best way would be 2x TBC2.

Lol, thanks but I don’t think it’s an option! There’s got to be an affordable mixer out there with multiple assignable outs that would correct the camera feeds

I’m not certain if there are mixers out there that can do what you’re describing that aren’t getting into pro broadcast prices, especially for 4 cameras.

You might find this thread helpful: How to convert full color ntsc video to lzx format?. You could run 4 cameras thru multiple genlocked scan converters as described and then you could freely patch your sources direct into your LZX system or your mixer. You don’t actually need Cadet III for this to work–RCA to 3.5mm adapters will do in a pinch.

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Interesting… the cadet input would mainly be to give me control over the brightness/contrast of the incoming signal. I hadn’t thought about genlocking scan converters though.

Yep, the Cadet IIIs are great for being able to offset/attenuate the decoded Luma signals coming from the VSC700s but you can save some rack space if you don’t need that control immediately on the input.

You can also do useful stuff like resize and reposition the image on the front panel of the VSC 700.

Prices vary on the VSC700s but I’ve managed to snag one as low as $20 so it can be a more economical solution if you’re willing to deal with the extra boxes/cabling/converters. TBC2 or CTBC are definitely more elegant designs for this technique.


Comments from @rempesm and others in this thread are also helpful:

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If you only need luma, would B/W cameras work for you? That might make it cheaper.

Yeah, I like the scan converter idea, but did you have something else in mind