Video mixer questions


I don’t have any experience with video mixers and I was hoping if I get one I would be able to mix my television’s output with a live video camera output with that camera focused on the television screen. Would I encounter any sync issues with this or could I go as far as to get a cheap / basic mixer to accomplish this without any issues?

Is there anything else I should consider seeing as this mixer will be used with my LZX and BPMC gear?


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Some mixers have a built in TBC (like the edirol v4/v8), and if so it will be fine. otherwise you need to have a camera with genlock or some way of synchronizing the inputs.


Thanks Transistorcat, looks like I need to get myself a mixer with TBC, cheers! :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t searched, there are several other threads about mixers:

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the old panasonc video mixers are nice but bulky and possibly noisy. i like the edirol mixers since they are small and packed with features

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