Multiple Cadet II outputs?

Just checking if my understanding of video sync is correct.
Is it possible to have multiple Cadet II video encoders (outputs) synced together using a Cadet I Sync Generator and send those multiple outputs to a video mixer like the Edirol V4, to fade between two different patches?

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Yes that’ll work. Two points though:

  1. The Edirol V4 has time-base correction (TBC) built in, so you don’t even need the inputs to be in sync. You could fade between two unrelated (and un-synced) video synths, or you could fade between a video synth and camera source, or whatever. The built in TBC in the V4 synchronizes the sources.

  2. If all you want to do with the V4 is mix two signals from your LZX gear, the V4 would be overkill. You could use a Cadet VI Fader to fade between two luma sources, or if you want to fade between two RGB signals you could use 3 of the Cadet VI Fader modules and mult a CV signal (coming from any CV source) to have single-control over the fading between the R, G, and B at the same time. Then you’d just need one Cadet II Video Encoder and no external mixer.


Thanks for the confirmation and your valid additional points, Joe!

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