Best DIY modules to add to large audio modular system?

Hi folks,
I am new to video synthesis, but I have a large audio modular-currently around 800hp. So I have lots of VCOs, modulation sources, etc. My (limited) understanding is that the LZX stuff works on ±1V so I’m hoping that just using attenuators will mean that I’ll be able to use most everything I have? I have a lot of experience with DIY, and so I’d like to start with the Cadet modules. Can someone please recommend what I would need to get in order to get started?

From what I’m reading, I think I need:
Cadet I Sync Generator
Cadet 2 - RGB encoder
Cadet 3 - Video input (I do want to be able to bring in video)

Are these the only three that I need to get started? Thank you all!

The main issue besides voltage levels you’ll have is that most audio stuff isn’t designed to go too far outside audio frequency range. This means your oscillators probably won’t be able to generate horizontal patterns and things like filters and other processors will tend to smudge video signals. You’ll want some oscillators (Cadet IX and/or Castle 010) and maybe ramp generators (Cadet IV) to generate horizontal and vertical patterns. If you want to play with camera processing and feedback, using your non-LZX LFOs etc. for animation, there’s a ton of fun to be had there too, and in that case you might get more mileage out of processing modules like Cadet VI, VII, VIII, or X. Keyers and faders especially are useful in camera processing or pattern synthesis.

Links from the library on similar topics:

Thank you. THose two links are great as well. I thing for now I will start with the three that I mentioned plus a Cadet 9 VCO for the horizontal. hopefully that will give me a good enough starting point that I can have a better idea then of where I want to go…

I’d look at getting one of each apart from maybe the scaler - that will give you a really really basic video synth - ramps, faders, multilpiers are really really useful

then you’ll know what to double, triple and quadruple up on for the future