Connecting your sync generator to other modules (3)

This is a guide to understanding video sync distribution in your modular video synth. Some video synthesis modules require connection to the master timing references of the system generated by the system’s video sync ge…

Modular Video Synthesis 101 (4)

A video synthesizer is an electronic instrument which creates or processes video images in real time. A modular video synthesizer is comprised of one or more electronic modules. Each module performs a specific functio…

About the Classroom (1)
Using audio modules in a video synth system (2)

One of the most powerful, exciting aspects of modular video synthesis is the freedom to connect audio and video signals together in a fluid, direct manner. In a modular system, signals are patched from outputs to inputs…

EuroRack case and power supply options (3)

Our modules are compatible with the same EuroRack cases, and power supplies used for audio synthesizers, though they draw slightly more power on average than audio modules. A good budget for your EuroRack power supply i…

What do I need to get started? (2)

What do you need to get started with EuroRack modular video synthesis using LZX modules? Here’s a list. Video Synthesizer Core Module A core module provides video sync generation for an entire system and external vide…

Lars Condensation (info by module & topic) (3)
The LZX Patchable Video Standard, Companion Series (3)
Memory Palace User Guide (1)
Castle System Concept Overview (2)
Interfacing with external video sources (1)