My new basic video system

This is my first video synth, and my first eurorack. I based it on Starter System 1, and added some CV generation that I thought would be useful.

I’ve found that the Make Noise stuff works great with the LZX modules. Brains/Pressure Points will go fast enough to make horizontal color bands. Maths can clock or filter horizontal lines too, but really craps out on vertical lines. Moddemix seems fast enough to mix horizontal and vertical content with only a little filtering of the vertical. The aux input seems especially fast.

My plan is to use the eurorack strictly for video, with my banana systems for audio. Maths and Moddemix both have attenuation that works great for bringing +10V banana to +1V LZX.

Here’s an initial experiment:


Very nice, thanks for sharing. I’m about to take the jump myself when the Visual Cortex and Memory Palace are available so it’s nice to see a newbie produce some cool stuff right out of the gate. Question: was the music yours? It’s quite nice as well. Did you create the music real-time and have signals from your audio gear drive the LZX stuff concurrently?

Keep posting, please. It’s very helpful.



Thanks! Yes, the music and video were done at the same time, and there were 2 CVs from the Easel going to the LZX.

Here are some patch notes:

Audio is Easel into H9 into Intensity Shuttle. Video is Cortex into Intensity Shuttle. Post processing is just trimming in iMovie.

The Easel sequencer is doing the repetitive 5 note pattern on the mod osc. The sequencer CV is FM’ing the Prismatic Ray to create the background video pattern.

The Easel keyboard is playing the lead sound on the complex osc. The preset voltage source is used like a mod-wheel on the timbre. The preset voltage is also phase modulating the Staircase. The staircase is making the foreground video pattern. The color bars are from 1/2 Maths clocking Brains/Pressure Points. The up and down motion is from the other 1/2 Maths FM’ing the Staircase.

Both Prismatic Ray and Staircase have some modulation from Cortex ramps. Cortex is keying the Pressure Points over the Prismatic Ray, using the Staircase to generate the key.

I have some more results to share, I’ll try to write some stuff up this weekend.


My partner and I are deeply interested in workflows like this and are stabilizing some documentation for our 208HP system in concordance with the Octatrack as a MIDI conductor for the MP. Will definitely tag you as we start to push more into the publication of some of the technical semantics we have found to be of interest.

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I had Andrew Williams over to jam on Sunday. He was on the fence about ordering a Vidiot, and I think I helped him along by showing him my little LZX system. The YouTubes are audio from his eurorack and video from mine.


Andrew was handing me random cables from his patch, and I was trying different modulations.
I used the Maths quite a bit to slow down fast CVs and to envelope-detect audio.


Really dig the look of what you are working on! Jealous of the Buchla! I need to sell a few guitars and buy something!

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Here’s a song with the larger Buchla. I need to rearrange the studio so I can more easily get to the Buchla and LZX at the same time.

I’m again using Maths to slew rate limit and attenuate CVs from another system into the LZX. Even for envelopes, I find it helpful to slow them down even more before modulating video.