Reccommendations for beginner system?

Hi all – new to this board!

I am looking to build my first eurorack video system, have a very specific use-case in mind, and I think I have a handle on what a minimal version would look like, but would love to vet my instincts here.

Essentially all I want to be able to do is some live mixing of two pre-recorded video sources. I’m thinking two Andor1 players as my video sources. It seems like for mixing / keying the LZX FKG3 is just what I need, and maybe the Diver for creating nice dynamic ramp shapes for keying between my two Andor1 video sources.

Is that all I need for what I’m looking to do? I’ve heard that I would need some kind of “head” unit – but could I just go right out of the FKG3 into a CRT with RGB inputs?

Also I see that LZX CV operates on +/- 1v. Will sending 10Vpp CV from my sound rig hurt LZX modules? Do I need to attenuate prior to sending?



you’ll need a tbc2 - when they are available to get the 2 video sources in

and you’ll need something to convert the lzx standard rgb signals to analog video - so the esg3 - or a chromagnon - when they are available

and yes some form of attenuation from your audio modular - will be useful otherwise you’ll only see the 0-1v part of the modulation and everything else will be clipped to 0 or 1v…


You may find the current modular video landscape to be slightly impermissible due to the limited availability of encoding/decoding/sync distributing modules.

With that being said, your particular use case to include the integration of Eurorack audio with video is achievable with software such as Resolume and MIDI.

In the instance that you find the tool signature of software processing unpalatable, you could consider end chain processing of digital video as a composite input to a mixer, glitch processor, or otherwise.

The benefit of such an approach would be the redundancy of all these tools and purchases within a larger analog video system as that gear becomes more available.

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I recommend TBC2, DSG3, FKG3, and ESG3 at the minimum, to mix and composite two asynchronous video sources. If you want to add modulation and movement, then DWO3 and SMX3 would be best (or Diver instead of DSG3). For scaling external voltage sources, Bridge or a Cadet Scaler would be helpful. You won’t hurt your LZX modules with 10V, but you also won’t be getting the most out of your modulation sources, since everything over 1V gets clipped.


Welcome, sonicremains! I’m also a noob starting a video system. Similar to you, I want to have three inputs to mangle at once. I’ve put in preorder yesterday like Z0NK0UT mentioned. Chromagnon, TCB2, FKG3, ESG3, and SMX3.

I’m fortunate that I’ve got a Zadar in my audio rack that can adjust the max voltage, so I can limit the CV to 0-1V. I’ve also got a Korg SQ-64 that has a MOD track, I need to look to see what settings it has to limit the values. Worst case there is to experiment with a meter to see what the 1V value is.

This is all fun stuff. Very exciting to be coming on board with the Gen3 products!


for the sq-64 mod track an attenuator should do the trick…

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Any V/Oct sequencer can be used without attenuation. Just keep the notes in the lowest octave.


The SQ-64 has a setting under Global for each track that sets the voltage range, similar to the Zadar. So I can easily set the range to 0-1V with no need for attenuation. I got lucky, I guess! :slightly_smiling_face: