Planning on adding more modules in 2023

Hi, all!

I’m thinking about what module or modules to add in 2023. My budget is nonexistent so it will be as funds permit. I have ESG3, FKG3, SMX3 and soon TBC2. Chromagnon is on preorder, but I’d like to add more functionality. Hopefully without a lot of overlap with Chromagnon.

I’m new to video analog synthesis, but have about five years of eurorack audio and lot of digital graphics background, video editing, etc.

My initial plan is a hybrid digital + analog setup to bring in video streams and do basic keying and mixing. So I think what I have will be good. I have a fair amount of custom software on the Mac for filtering and playback. I also have an NVIDIA Jetson Nano with some nice software for generating interesting stuff for backgrounds and keys. The main focus will be merging in videos of grandkids, etc. into fun, wild videos merged with music from the eurorack.

So the next step would be to add some complementary modules. I’m thinking Swatch would be a lot of fun for interesting color mangling. That seems like a no-brainer. :thinking:

Contour and Keychain both look interesting to me. I’m not sure that I understand the differences between Keychain and FKG3 in how they would be used. I’m also not sure how Contour would be useful here, but it seems that it would fit. :thinking:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Multiple FKG3s are a powerful mixing/compositing block.

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If you want to create cool shapes, then DSG3 is a must.
If you want to input/feed video into your system, then the Syntonie VU-003B is a must, it works with ESG3.

Regarding the differences between FKG3 (a single channel RGB variable soft keyer) and Keychain (3x single input hard keyers), the best thing is to watch the “3 Patches” for both at first, then read their product pages on here.

Here’s a page about the various Keying techniques used by certain LZX products but it’s technical, don’t look at it first please.

Here’s a link to the Doorway product page, it’s a keyer from the expedition series and can do both soft & hard keying. There’s a lot of info/detail on here but it’s not overly technical imo, hopefully it’ll help:

There’s also a link to the Doorway’s “3 patches” video at the end of it’s product page.

Ahhhh, there’s a Twitch Stream video from June 11th that went heavy into showing Keychain according to this post I made at the time.
There’s links popping up all the time on the LZX Discord server leading to the archive of the twitch streams that are found on a Google drive.

Ughh, I’ve just looked through the folders of the backedup twitch streams and the folders are numbered 1 to 26 but only a couple of the video files in the lower numbered folders contain the dates in the file’s title :grimacing:


Multiple FKG3s are a powerful mixing/compositing block.

Please forgive the noob-ishness of my response. The TBC2 will be coming soon, so I will have two input streams to manipulate. I have one FKG3 already, so I can’t seem to picture how a second FKG3 would be used. Once Chromagnon is added to the rack I will gain a third input stream, so I can see how the second FKG3 would be cool. Thanks!

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Thanks for your detailed reply! I seem to have to read and watch the demos several times before the concepts seem to sink in.

I’ve watched the 3 patches for the FKG3 several times and think I understand that. I’ll have to watch the Doorway a few times to see how it works.

I think the biggest issue I have is that I have zero hands on time with analog video. This will change very soon once I have a TBC2 in the rack!

I did browse through some of the twitch streams, but there’s a lot there to look at! I have time on my hands, so I will watch some more.

Maybe once I get a little experience the dictionary explanations will make more sense to me.


The DSG3 is a no brainer.

But after that, you need modulaton - I’d get some oscillators. The DWO3, of course, but also Syntonie quadrature (on sale right now!) or BAJA Video Oscillator

I’d get a Stairs before contour or keychain.


If you like the glitch effect maybe get a Syntonie cbv001 and I would also get a stairs and dsg…


Basically, the FKG3 is an “n-level” priority mixer. If you chain the output of one FKG3 into the background of another FKG3 you can keep stacking layers. So 2 FKG3s allow for three layers, 3 FKG3s allow for 4 layers and so forth. TBC2 has two outputs, so there’s two different RGB signals that can be mixed. Plus you’re probably going to want to have a layer for generative signals from the DSG3, etc. That’s why I recommend getting more FKG3s.

I would definitely recommend a VH.S Submixer for signal blending (DSG3 and Baja for example) as well. And, once released, a VH.S Follower for audio-reactivity (or, an LZX Sensory Translator if available).


I see! This sounds like a good direction, my initial goal is to process three input streams, so a second FKG3 would be a good fit with the FKG3 + SMX3 that I already have. The TBC2 gives me two inputs, I guess that I would need a Syntonie VU003B or similar to ingest the third stream.

This would certainly keep me busy and learning until the Chromagnon arrives! I’m glad I preordered before the price increase. I’m on a very tight budget, so I have to take this slow. I’m thinking the Chromagnon will be a big expansion into more traditional analog video synthesis. Realistically I think that adding more modules like DSG3, DWO3, etc. will be in 2024.

I’m fortunate to have a bunch of eurorack modulation sources like Zadar, Triple Sloths, Black Octasource, and a BeatStep Pro. I often use the velocity tracks on the BSP for audio modulation, so I’m thinking I will try that for video as well. The Zadar and BSP allow level control so I can set it to 1v. I made a DIY voltage divider to convert 5v → 1v and 10v → 1v to process the Triple Sloths and Octasource.

It’s fun thinking and planning, a TBC2 will be arriving soon and the real fun will begin.

Thanks to all for your thoughts!

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Don’t forget to try out your audio eurorack lfos, oscs and especially vcas/mixers. You will need to attenuate the lfos. Ornament and crime with quadrature mode (once you set up the offset and output level to approximate 1v) you will have quadrature lfos…


Definitely look into getting a DSG3 in ‘23 if possible and, potentially, a DWO3 as well. Those modules will play well with the Eurorack gear that you mentioned.


Yes! I’ve been reading some of the threads on using eurorack audio modules with video. I’m fortunate that I have a bunch of modules that will be useful. audio rack

Its going to be a grand experiment! I’m very interested in trying things out to see what happens.

I am interested in DSG3 and DWO3, and many others.

The story of my life is when I have money, I don’t have the time. When I have the time, I don’t have money! :upside_down_face:

I retired a couple of years ago, I’m glad I built up the audio rack while I still had some disposable income. I sold a perfectly good motorcycle last spring to start down the video path. No regrets at all, I just need to be patient for the Chromagnon development to be completed.

The stock market and inflation has been a bummer for almost everyone. I just started a small business that looks like it may generate a little income without a lot of work. The holy grail! :star_struck: I’m optimistic but only time will tell.


Sounds good. The oscillators and the Maths are great for video. That waveshaper could possibly generate some good looks as well. I’m a big fan of the waveshaper that’s included with the Intruo Tona. Cheers!

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I use my quad vcas all the time for video. zadar if I’m not mistaken could give you 1v envelopes, could be i teresting to explore the different shapes…


Yes! The Zadar has adjustment for the voltage output, so that’s great. Some of the shapes are bizarre and fun to play with on the audio, I’m wondering what that can do for video.

The BeatStep Pro has a config setting for the Velocity voltage scaling, so it is an easy change to get it from 0v → 1v. This will play well with the video as well as the audio.

The octasource has me wondering, it has eight outputs that are offset by 45 degrees by default and many different waveforms to play with. It can be set to all eight of the same waveforms or eight different waveforms. It also has CV control of the phase of the outputs for increased madness. The LFO max frequency is 30Hz. There is also an easter egg that sets the LFO to unipolar mode.

I’m beginning to think that I will become a mad scientist in fits of manic experimentation! Suits me well :crazy_face:

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That’s great! Wishing you much success.

Everyone’s suggestions here are great. I’m excited about Gen3 being much more of a “system builder’s toolkit” than previous modular series. With DWO3 and TBC2 coming into place, we’ll really have some exciting configurations to experiment with.


Thank you.

I feel kind of like a little kid! So excited for the things that are coming. :grinning:


With what you have now I would look at DSG. I think it would be the most bang for buck in your current setup.
Multiple FGKGs need not be looked at for multiple “voices” only. With multiples you can do things like working the negative space in a more complex way than just one. Like moving softness around but only in certain areas.

FWIW, both DSG and FKG only get more fun when you have more than one so don’t get too hung up on overlap or achieving one of every function.


FKG is also great for modulating modulation depths etc. All video signals are potential modulators, so FKG processing 6 signals does wonderful things. Be sure to also modulate the softness!

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