VCV Rack and ES-8?


I just got a shiny new Expert Sleepers ES-8 and was thinking … maybe there could be a module in VCVrack that would convert signals to 0-1V ? This could either process signals from my Eurorack or from VCVrack and then could send them to the CV inputs on my LZX modules.

Any thoughts on drawbacks to this?


heres my thoughts: brilliant!!!

I dont use VCV (but i might now!) so im not 100% but i think you could just use an attenuator, vca, vc mixer, etc. and just dial back the voltage. it doesnt have to be exactly scaled down.

try it out and post your results! this is a really cool idea.


I hadn’t used VCV Rack much, or owned an ES-8 but then I saw this video.

I had no idea it was so simple! So I bought one. VCV Rack, of course, is free.

The FH-2 (sadly I have the FH-1) can work with 0-1 volts but that’s with MIDI. VCV Rack can pass straight control voltages. I’ve experimented a little and it definitely works, but it’d be nice to get some video voltage specific modules together (for example, a VCV version of Bridge). I’ve been meaning to learn C… well …


This would be awesome - I also have an ES8. That said, a Bridge or Scalar could be used with a 5V LFO from VCV Rack and the ES8.


any attenuator will do the job perfectly well, either pre- or post-ES8

to be honest you can just stick the outputs from the ES8 (or pretty much any other eurorack module) straight into LZX modules they can all handle 5v - they just clip at 1v - so 1v+ in = 1v inside

btw I currently have a late 2016 13" MBP - i5 escape key model and it won’t run both VCVRack and Lumen at the same time without serious audio issues - hopefully in July I’ll get a 2019 15" MBP i9 - fingers crossed that will run both at once happily