Livestreaming CV?

Hello LZX Community- is anyone successfully livestreaming CV? I have a music collaborator who wants to send control voltages back ‘n’ forth. Or, is it easier to stream MIDI then convert that at the receiving end?

thanks for any tips! Benton


Hey Benton, I’ve just asked some friends here, the chief of our synth orchestra (E.O.C.) has been working on something like this since before Covid outbreak so he may be able to help.

I’m building a Dubl/Deca midi to CV convertor for the Octatrak, it’s from Magpie Modular but the build guide on Github is ridden with mistakes so I’m not entirely confident in the product :frowning:
It’s a Teensy 3.1 or 3.2 based module. The code and circuit is open source.

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thanks @Robbertunist !
I have several modules for converting MIDI to CV and vice-versa. Also, a friend is thinking to send multiple DC coupled audio channels…

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Interesting concept… I wonder how much latency there’d be, and how it could be minimized. If I wasn’t already deep in a few projects, I’d dive into making a DIY module for this based on a ESP-32, probably. And coming up with a protocol sounds fun.

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I remember rebel tech had a module to convert cv to osc. Something in that direction, plus we sockets maybe could work. Latency, bit depth and sample rate are the key questions here.

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If you both have an ES-8 or ES-9, a copy of VCV Rack, and some networking skills (port forwarding, dynamic DNS, etc) you could use a VCV plugin called trowaSoft cvOSCcv (developed for me by my better half) to convert CV to OSC and back. Latency, etc would definitely be a limiting factor (what @VanTa said). You could also use your hardware CV to MIDI interfaces connected to a computer running rtpMIDI (or the built in MIDI Network on Mac) to do the same thing with lower “resolution”. Let me know if you decide to try cvOSCcv and have any questions. Sounds fun, good luck!