VCV rack video modules

I am interested in using software over my hardware as I mainly want to do very simple shapes and I would really like them in HD. I am also interested in moving the shapes to a tempo just FYI.
Are there any good VCV rack video modules and tutorials anyone knows about?
Is it likely they can output a nice 1920 x 1080 resolution?
Are there ways to use CV with VCV rack, like from Reason or another DAW internally? I have an ES-8 module so I can get real world CV signals if needed.


There are currently no vcvrack video modules

There are some in Beta - I’m signed up for beta testing, but no current mac release so - I’m still waiting

you can definitely use cv via the es8 in vcvrack

I don’t think there are any internal cv loopback possibilities - but you could try in and out via the es8 if the DAW supports sending cv out (not sure if reason does - maybe with a plugin)

are you using a mac? - if so lumen (from paracosm) was specifically written as a virtual analog video synth fronrt end for lzx synths - can’t remmeber if it supports HD yet (& updates are slow to put it mildly)

you might want to look at touch designer - which can definitely output HD & supports MIDI (and maybe CV - but you can convert via a module if necessary)

hope this helps


I know of this one for oscilloscope/XYZ stuff: VCV Library - trowaSoft multiScope and the maker is working on some other ones as well.

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Hi @Traviss!
If you’d like to try the beta of our ISF based video modules for VCV Rack, please fill out this form and I’ll be in touch. The video stuff will not work in VST mode though. Only standalone.

We just today had a breakthrough on the Apple side so, that should be coming soon. Hooray if you’re in that camp! @Agawell

Also, you can use the ES-8 directly for CV in/out from VCV Rack. Just drop in the “Audio 8” module, select ASIO as the audio driver (optional, on Windows) and the ES-8 as the audio device, and connect CV stuff. The interface is DC coupled so it will just work. Bitwig has direct CV support built-in. Def not as easy in other DAWs but, possible.

For “simple shapes” check out our polyGen, multiScope, etc… modules. Free on the VCV Library here. Thanks for the mention @scuto Though, for now, you will need to use something like OBS to record the screen. Spout/Syphon output will be available in the video package when that is ready.


great news on the apple breakthrough!

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@Traviss After reading your question again I’m feeling like maybe you meant using Virtual CV (VCV).
In plugin mode (CLAP) in Bitwig the communication is automatic. As you add modules in VCV their controls just show up as automatable parameters in Bitwig. Not quite as clean in VST mode in Live or other DAWs but still doable. Just use the modules mentioned below but, select “DAW” as your MIDI device and map accordingly.
In standalone mode (VCV not running as a plugin), that can be done by sending MIDI from a DAW to VCV through a virtual MIDI port like “loopMIDI” on Windows or the built-in IAC Driver on Mac. On the VCV side just drop in the built-in “MIDI to CV” module for keyboard related controls or the “MIDI CC to CV” module for knobs/sliders. Then select your virtual MIDI port from the MIDI Device dropdown. Happy patching!

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I imagine with CV from DAW out of a audio interface, your frequency would be limited by nyquist? Would you be able to get into those Mhz video ranges?

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No. I thought we were just talking parameter modulation up to maybe audio rate. The VCV video modules are ISF (GLSL) based so we are dealing with video textures/shaders and processing on a GPU not actual analog signals.


Hi Agawel,

Yes if you did not know Reason Studios is a CV powerhouse! Exporting CV is just expected so yes via the ES-8 I can send any CV signal imaginable from Reason.

Not using a mac but Touch designer looks very interesting so I;ll look in to it some more, cheers!

Thanks for recommending that, it looks very cool but I already design my audio in Reason Studios with J-Scope (VST) to get things ready then I go to my hardware oscilloscope or a software solution. MultiScope looks intense for designing sounds and displaying them. I would be more keen if I knew I could simply import my own audio (likely) but also I was hoping to be able to export at a nice 1920 x 1080 ratio which I didn’t see any examples of and the following does it nicely…

This afternoon I have been playing around with Oscilloscope by Hansi Raber, and for my needs I am very impressed. Full screen and looks very HD, and it’s free - Oscilloscope Music

Very cool, thank you and thanks for the information, glad I can use CV in VCV rack via my ES-8 :slight_smile:

I am not sure about / understanding nyquist, but yes CV and audio from a DAW are very unlikely to be at video rate, however audio can be used to generate shapes etc, and the CV can be used to automate everything, cheers.

It was my understanding that it was just to display audio coming from other VCV Rack modules, not to create audio. Is this accurate?

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Yes correct, even better I can design specific sound in reason studios. I have been using a software oscilloscope and that is pretty cool so far, don;t have the name off hand let me know if you want to know that, cheers.