Using other utility modules outside Video synth makers

i am curious to hear if people are using Utility modules that are made for Audio Eurorack in there Video synth setups.

I currently have a few Doepfer A-150 switches in my rig to cycle through the Visual Cortex Ramps when i send a oscillator into the trigger input.

I also use the Ryo paths to send different rgb outs into different areas of the system.

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hi tenshun

I’ve got a mixed audio-video rig and use pretty much whatever into whatever

video through waveshapers (doepfer), slew limiters (maths) etc

I’ve steered clear of putting audio through audio adc/dac conversion - clouds for example, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work - after all it’s all just cv - the adc/dac will probably cause some sort of downsampling effect - ok I’m going to pulll down my patch and try it out!!!

update - just did a small repatch - basically routed 2 of the signals going into the visual cortext via clouds - as suspected it works and adds a chunky textured vibe

there’s an example of video through clouds on my instagram now: video through mi clouds

The results of this will be hit and miss. Usually the devices will limit your bandwidth, so detailed images will become blurry. There are some rare cases where the bandwidth is just incidentally good enough for video, or cases where companies have video bandwidths in mind when designing an audio product (i think 4ms). It’s worth experimenting with if you already have the modules for audio, but don’t buy an audio module because you think it might be cool or useful for video without first researching, so the results don’t disappoint you.

my set up is a Frankenstein rig with audio and video stuff as well.
i am mostly sending envelopes (4ms peg, MN Function) and triggers (Shakmat FBR) to animate alot of the stuff in my video rig.
Got some Nonlinear circuits chaos modules to send some really slow and unpredictable/controllable modulations into it as well.

thats a good idea with wave shapers. i will have to try that out .

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I use Maths, Moddemix, Brains, and Pressure Points. They work for slow CVs and even horizontal video patterns. Maths and Brains can use sync pulses from Visual Cortex!

WMD’s ModBox has a 3-phase LFO that’s great for situations where I want to modulate RGB separately to get washes of color and whatnot.

Pamela’s New Workout from ALM can also do things like that…

Offset/attenuator modules are great to have for downscaling 5V signals from LFOs and stuff, patching to sync inputs to give you a glitch knob, pushing controls outside the range that’s on the knobs, and acting as a fixed blur + brightness control on a video rate signal. I’ve got a Livestock Electronics Felix which also can act as a 2x3 or 1x6 mult.