Q: Does It Video?

The post I made about the LZX Ecosystem (manufacturers making LZX-format 0-1v, video rate gear) also got me thinking about the whole question of using non-video modules for video. I know that’s been discussed a bunch here before, but the thing I find frustrating sometimes is that, if any video examples of other modules in use are available, they are usually in the context of complex patches where it is somewhat hard to tell exactly what the module in question is doing, at least without seeing a clear before-and-after.

So I was thinking it could be fun to hold an event where people bring other modules they have and we test them out and document the results: running some basic video oscillators through them as well as a camera feed. Or else using them as waveform or modulation sources, if that is what makes sense. I dunno, we could figure out what the best battery of tests would be. And we’d record the results and upload to YouTube or wherever.

Conveniently, I help run a space here in L.A. where we could hold such an event. But I have a very limited collection of modular gear (most of which is LXZ), so doing it solo wouldn’t be too interesting. Would be great to have at least one co-host, with some more options for testing, just so if it doesn’t draw much of a crowd it could still be something.

Anyone interested?

I’m pretty busy for the next month or so, but maybe aiming for late December or early January?

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Can’t contribute (I live on the other side of the world!) but would absolutely watch such a series on YouTube.

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