What types of audio modules work with video?

It would be great to know what experiences you have had using audio modules with your video gear.

For instance, I know that a typical audio splitter will split video signals as well as it does audio, so they are very useful in my rig.

Also, I was thinking about getting a comprehensive audio filter to use with video, but I was told that the different filter types don’t have very much effect on a video signal. This was useful as it saved trying it out for myself.

So please share any experiences you have had with audio modules working with your video gear, good or bad.


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The biggest tip I can give you is that your best friend is “wet/dry keying.” This is one of the biggest advantages to the LZX signal format: you can run video through anything, utterly destroy it (audio filters, whatever) and then still make it viewable again. A great technique is to create a key (using Doorway, Polar Fringe, etc) and use that (patched into the CV input of Cortex’s compositor) to key between the original source and a destroyed version of it. This allows you to mitigate what would normally be a destroyed image by combining it back in with the full bandwidth path.

Here’s an old clip by Johnny Woods experimenting with an audio filter: