Is it possible to use video to modulate audio?



Apologies if this is totally obvious newbie nonsense, but i’m trying to figure out how (or if) its possible to send video into a module and use the varying voltages from the video to create CV that modulates an audio source.

I’d like to send a constantly moving video image, which is on an endlessly repeating loop into a module and use the video to morph a set of audio stems or samples via eurorack.

So is that possible, and if so, what modules can i use to do it?




Lzx standard is 1v so you would just want to boost that signal to a more standard audio friendly 5v with something like that the LZX Bridge module. If you already have a bunch of eurorack audio modules you could just scale up the voltage with your existing gear and see if that works for you?


Ahh great thanks for your reply, that’s very helpful.

I’ll give it a go!




I´ve had some quite nice results upscaling the signal from my lzx setup with a bridge and then running it through a Manhattan Analog CVP to smoothen it up a bit with glide and then modulate morphagene and clouds with it. In those patches audio has also modulated the video.


Nice one, that sounds cool, had thought it would be nice with rainmaker/or magneto and erbverb etc. I would be trying to create some weirdly evolving floaty stuff to match some images of water.

What LZX systems do you use to get the video signal into the bridge module? and des the signal have to come from an old school analogue tv signal? Is there way to generate a voltage from a purely digital image?




I recommend to experiment with it! :slight_smile:
I meant that I use what ever video signals on the patch but use the bridge to scale the voltage up so that it has some effect in the audio synth as its voltage is hotter. You can use digital sources but you have to convert the information from digital to analog first.


Keep in mind the different frequencies used in video and audio. A lot of the video information is above the audible range and thus not necessarily useful for modulating audio without a lot of slew or quantization.

Possibly helpful info: Using audio modules in a video synth system

Probably more interesting/useful to modulate video with audio than the reverse. Or modulate both with the same LFO.


That is true. I mentioned the Morphagene because it reacts to very subtle cv and it has got a trig out for “end of gene” plus an env followed output thus making it quite possible to have the synths talk to each other. I’m compelled by the idea of the visuals affecting the audio and vice versa and will definitely investigate ways to make progress in that department.