LZX + non video eurorack

what eurorack gear (non video) are you using with your video modules?

i just got a vidiot (my first dabble into video synthesis) but i have a decent eurorack audio setup. first thing i did was patch in my benjolin and wow. i highly suggest trying the benjo with your video stuff.

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I’ve got quite a few mutable instruments modules and some others that I’m using - but particularly stages and marbles (and maths) for modulation and a mono audio out into sensory translator - which I use for modulation of both audio and video

intellijel planar (haven’t used V2 but I THINK it would offer the same output)
it isn’t perfect but it will work to softly move some images and or using its XY to make shapes or as CV is great fun

these were both done with a planar

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oscillators, filters, comparators, attenuators. wanna try using phonogene somehow

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here I’m using two different pulp logic 1u tiles
att/off and a comparator

also don’t forget to go the other way and modulate audio stuff with video signals

also just straight up listening to video signals can be interesting and usually leads to some inspiration


wait a second. youre in bokeelia? im in fort myers. we should link up sometime.

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for real? wow I’m about to have 4 weeks off! yay

I’ve got some ciat lonbarde audio gear and video synth stuff where abouts in fort myers are you?

if you have time my wife and I run a community theatre on pine island and are having performances of a christmas story tonight and tomorrow night at 7 and sunday at 2 https://www.facebook.com/PineIslandPlayhouse/

Cool, how are you using the Benjolin with the Vidiot? I learned synthesis from Rob Hordjik’s Nord Modular forum posts & book, so I’ve been curious about that module for a while. Filters and sources of chaos are definitely useful for video, so I can absolutely see the Benjolin being fun.

Here are the audio modules in my video rack right now:

4ms Quad Clock Distributor
4ms Quad Pingable LFO
NLC Triple Sloths (multiple chaos sources)
Intellijel Dr. Octature II (filter/quadrature osc, lots of ways to use it)
2hp Delay
2hp OSC
Antimatter Sub Ring (mixing, noise gen, ring mod, seems to pass video rate just fine)
PulpLogic 1U Att-Off (also seems to pass video rate just fine)
PulpLogic 1U Mix-B (a little bit of high-frequency rolloff, but mostly passes video rate)
PulpLogic 1U FSR
PulpLogic 1U Cyclic Skew
PulpLogic 1U Slew
Synsi 1U Clock gen
Synsi 1U Pedal I/O

In the past I’ve also had the Koma SVF-201, Maths, the Pittsburgh OSCv2 and MixMult (can’t remember how much HF rolloff it had, probably too much.) I’ve also tried a few complex digital oscs like Mutable Rings, Orgone Generator, and Telharmonic, but wasn’t super jazzed with the results per HP. Rings probably the most interesting of those three. I’m picking up a secondhand Wogglebug this weekend for more chaos.

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i used this setup on my last visual performance, but i´m preparing an av set with my main rack, i just split my lfos ( mainly the pittsburgh chain reactor) and the cv from my sequencer that i route with passive switch. i´ts super fun

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Audio wave shapers work nicely with video, especially the NLC Timbre! always bringd great results and its pretty much in every patch I make.


Anyone using PulpLogic X-Fade tiles? (Or capable of parsing the tech specs?)

These would be really useful in the set-up I’m building, if they work okay. Much more space-economical for me than a Cadet Fader.

I’ve tried phonogene… it’s fun in a glitchy way. I sent the luma of video source (via Cortex, mult’ed) to the phonogene input and put the PG into broken echo mode… then sent the output of PG into Cortex and mixed with the original luma. Wanna try some more experiments, too.


I’m almost always using a Doefper a-136 distortion/waveshaper for processing video these days - there’s definitely sweet spots - that being modulated by Maths, Stages, or Peaks

I’ve also tried running video through Clouds - there’s an example in my instagram somewhere - I’m linked in the Instagram thread

May try that and some other things again over the weekend - if I do I’ll post examples to instagram


The NLC Triple Sloths is amazing! I bought an extra Bridge just so it could provide more chaos to my rig.


how are you using the triple sloth - I’ve got one in the pipeline

Ornament + Crime would be handy for LFOs and Quantizing. Radio Music thing is fun too. I have mine loaded up with white noise

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I send it into Bridge and then use it to modulate all sorts of stuff. I often use the 15 second sloth to get a feel for what it does and then the longer sloths for actual effects. It’s not predictable like an LFO but otherwise does the same thing.


I’m am still really new to all this, but have had good results from the Intellijel uFold II, which acts [a bit] like the Staircase. And Pamela’s New Workout from ALM, particularly because you can attenuate the output of each channel, bringing things more into the LZX range.


I just tried patching the H+V ramp from Visual Cortex to the uFold II. I didn’t like that it shifted the ramp over to the right (anybody know how to move it back without going through the Navigator/Shapeshifter pair?), so I passed it through Staircase first and THAT was really quite cool. Sharpe edged lava lamp fun.


I created a new Youtube channel for my video synthesis and just uploaded a video I made with that patch.