The LZX Ecosystem

Especially with some recent exciting announcements, thought it might helpful/interesting to compile a list of other people making LZX-format/-compatible video gear (going to try to be expansive/inclusive, but still may forget some folks)…

Scanner, Triple LFO, Video Grip, Hexadirectional Crossfader, etc.

Afterlife Laboratories
Video Motion, Video Calculator

Reverse Landfill
Triple Function Generator, Buffered Sync Busboard

Mystic Circuits
Ruins/PFRsilator (under development)

Erogenous Tones
Structure (0-1v at input only)

1010 Music
Laserbox (can drive Cyclops)

Malekko Heavy Industry
AD/LFO-v (1v range; discontinued)

Fluxus Duo (video rate modulation only)

3trinsRGB+1c (LZX sells DIY adapter for LZX-format output)


Anything’s LZX-compatible if you use a Bridge! :grin:

Do you want to include modules that have composite input and/or output? I think they can be pretty useful with LZX gear, even if none of their CV inputs/outputs have been specially designed for 0-1V luma signals. In particular, modules like Razmasynth’s Telewizor/Vector and Special Stage System’s World Core seem to be ones that people tend to use with LZX gear.

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My inclusion of certain things and not others is definitely questionable. I guess my basis was not how useful to a video system could a module be (because then, yeah, the list would expand greatly) but to what extent is a manufacturer trying to work within the LZX format – basing that largely on whether it is purpose-built to work within the 0-1v control voltage LZX standard, at video rate (and also if there seemed to be a commitment towards continuous production rather than a one-off DIY project).

So the notes in parentheses are commentary upon that, certainly not a total listing of functionality.

Honestly, originally in my head this was only a list of people making what I would call “fully compatible” modules: purpose-built to work at 0-1v, video rate, at both inputs and outputs (rather than only able to be integrated at the beginning or end of the chain). Which is to say it was just the top four of the list.

And really the point was that, in the last few days, that went from 2 to 4. Which is awesome!


The 4ms buffered mult advertises LZX video signal compatibility:

It also might be worth mentioning controllers/sequencers that have a 0-1V output mode, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Korg SQ-1 offers that feature:


Yeah, went back and forth on the 4ms mult. Guess I ended up taking it out because it seemed like such a “utility”…? I dunno. Again, the list above is totally subjective.

Probably more useful would be a more finely gradated list:

  1. Fully LZX-format in/out video modules (basically work like any LZX module)
    (Scanner, Video Calculator, 3x Function Generator, Ruins, etc.)

  2. Compatible start/end of chain video devices (has some sort of 0-1v, video-rate in or out)
    (Structure, 3trins w/ DIY add-on, Fluxus Duo, etc.)

  3. Adaptable video modules
    (Telewizor, World Core, etc.)

  4. Native 0-1v-capable utilities
    (Quad LFO, 4ms mult, SQ-1, Zadar, etc.)

But even those lines can get blurry.

…And then maybe a whole other list would be necessary of non-0-1v, non-video-rate modules that are still especially useful/interesting in a video set-up?


image This is even more esoteric, but monome ansible 2.0 running the Levels app supports 0-1V output if you turn the range controls almost all the way down (4 lights lit.) A tad steppy (1/10th the DAC resolution, sadly) but MP inputs with slew make that ignorable.