[ORDER] SNOW - Analog video Noise!

2 channel analog video (transistor based) noise source, with some nice additions such as offset and volume controls, highpass filtered outputs and a comparator (with switchable noise channel) to create very interesting chaotic textures (from starfields to blizzards)

2x noise channels with Offset and Volume pots
1x comparator (selectable noise channel) with Bias pot
2x offset noise outputs
2x filtered outputs
1x comparator output


PCB set : 40,- euro
Full kit: 130,- euro
Module: 175,- euro

Shipping depends on where you live and what you order :slight_smile:

available sets: 8
I’ll order enough new sets this week, which will be available in about 2 weeks

Order list for the SNOW module:
VanTa : 1x kit - shipped
rempesm: 1x PCB set - shipped
jwsmithwick1: 1x module - shipped
dondon 1x kit - shipped
Rik_bS: various - shipped
VisibleSignals: 1x - shipped
Robbertunist: 1x PCB set - shipped
transistorcat: 1x PCB set - shipped
GijsvO: 1x kit - shipped
eraxeg: 1x PCB set - contacted
cburst: 1x PCB set - shipped
analogmonster: 1x PCB set - shipped
LauLindqvist: 1x pcb set - contacted
fuzzy_pauze: 1x PCB set - contacted
claytron: 1x kit - shipped
bentoncbainbridge: 1x module - payed
cinema_av: 1x PCB set - contacted
jsonpayload: 1x module - payed
allthesixes666: 1x PCB set - shipped
Marizu: 1x PCB set - shipped
Hewed: 1x PCB set - contacted
Heythony: 1x kit - shipped
Tronotape: 1x PCB set - contacted
Iscariot: 1x PCB set - shipped


Count one kit for me :slight_smile:


Can you put me down for 1x PCB set?

I would like to purchase one assembled.

Glad it got worked out! Too bad it was due to a bad 6172…

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1x kit for me please!

Put me down for a PCB set.
Will happily combine postage to Australia if anyone else down here is interested… might buy a few other PCBs at the same time too :wink:

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I’d happily piggyback a PCB/Panel set with you Vanta if that’s ok with you :smiley:
Please count me in for a PCB/Panel set @reverselandfill :+1:t3:

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I would love a PCB set

@transistorcat When there are transistors envolved…

BOM is added on my site

I’ll make a buildguide soon and I have a resistor placement helper ready. (vertical resistors!)
There are some mods possible with the filter values and there is a jumper for a possible
comparator CV input


I’d like a full kit, please, Martijn! You can make an invoice and calculate shipping as usual :wink: .

FYI I only need PCB set, not a kit :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to order a pcb+panel set!

I’d like to order a pcb+panel set.
Let me know how to proceed with the transaction!

I’m mostly listing the demand right now, so I know what amounts to order next.

I have 8 sets available now, and I’m ordering parts for those this week.
When I have received all parts, I’ll contact the first 8 people and ship them out.

When the new pcb batch arrives, I’ll contact everybody on this list.
(this will take about 2 weeks I think, I’ll keep you up to date!)


I would like 1x pcb set please thanks

I want a pcp set as well, but might need a few other pcbs from you, sent in the same box, im in no hurry, but wnt to be in on that batch you are ordering for…


I would like 1x pcb set as well! Thanks!!

Put me down for 1x kit!

Can I buy a built module? thanks!