DIY ALERT: Sandin IP PCBs: show us your builds and videos!

UPDATE: As the title update indicates, all of the bare PCBs and assembled modules have been sent out. Please give Lars a round of applause for making these available!

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone here realizes Lars’ incredible commitment to the SDIY community. The latest evidence is that he just sent me over 50 of each of the Sandin IP Differentiator and Function Generator PCBs for FREE distribution to the community. :heart_eyes:

All anyone needs to do is get in touch with me and tell me which board(s) you want (limit of 1 each per person for this round to maximize the number of people who get one) and give me a mailing address. I’ll take it from there. Note that there may be a few countries that require significant extra postage. I’ll let you know if that’s the case–otherwise I have it covered.

I will be publishing up to date BOMs (and pre-filled carts at Mouser for the majority of components) shortly–after I make sure the parts all fit.

I’m also going to offer assembled units by request. There’s about $22 of components in the Differentiator and $29 in the Function Generator, so I’m thinking of $70 and $77 shipped CONUS with a plain mill finish CNC’d 6061T6 0.050" aluminum panel ready for your DIY legends. (I’ll make panels in whatever format–Euro, Pulp Logic tile, Intellijel tile–for $10 each) I’m basically looking to get $40 for parts procurement, assembly, and faceplate machining; the rest is for parts, packaging, and shipping. If anyone out there wants to offer built units on similar terms, I can forward some boards. The idea is to get these into people’s video synths, not profiteer from Lars’ generosity.

If anyone wants to chip in with panel designs or whatever, please feel invited to this party.

I will do my best to manage and respond to requests in a timely manner, but I do have a lot of other demands on my time and may miss some. If you don’t get a response from me in a day or two that includes a confirmation number (which corresponds to a row in a spreadsheet), then please ping me again.

I still can’t believe this is happening.

Here is the documentation:

Here are dimensioned Euro panel drawings from the files I’m using to cut them on my mill:

Here’s a Mouser cart for the Function Generator:

UPDATED CART: I was missing the 10uF caps!

Additional parts:

That should be complete, but PLEASE double check against the BOM before ordering and PLEASE let me know if the above needs to be updated.

Here’s the cart for the Differentiator:

Additional parts:

Again, I am fairly sure this is complete, but please do check.


should we pm you here? definitely want one of each!!!

Yes, I should have been more specific: PM me here please. :slight_smile:

I need your name and shipping address and whether you want just one or both PCB(s) or assembly etc.

Thanks @creatorlars and @jnoble!!

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Thank you @creatorlars and @jnoble!

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Thanks @obama!

oops i think i did that wrong…

thanks @creatorlars and @jnoble


To our non-USA friends receiving PCBs only:

It appears the officially sanctioned way to send something like this internationally is via First Class Parcel, which starts at US$14 and requires a customs declaration no matter what the value.

I think that’s silly for a couple of free PCBs that weigh 22g per set and will fit just fine in an envelope.
I therefore intend on sending these as a letter, and my understanding is that many people have successfully sent PCBs this way–especially small & light ones like these. Postage is just slightly more than US domestic rates and not worth the trouble of dealing with Paypal for.

You may know something about your country’s post and customs systems that I don’t, however, so please advise if you think this won’t work.

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Thank you for organizing this! PMd


PM’d- Extremely generous, thanks!

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Whoa! Super interested. Thank you!!! I just need to figure out how to send a PM :smiley:


Well, it looks like I have to stop lurking and get involved! Trying to send you a pm now. Thanks! To you and of course to Lars!


Quick update: 13 sets are spoken for out of about 50.

I just received my Mouser and Digi-Key orders and will assemble one each of the modules to make sure the BOMs are OK. The good news is that it looks like I found the right jacks (Switchcraft!?!?) for the Differentiator: they fit the PCB fine. I’ll publish the carts once I have the modules tested. I used Mouser, Digikey (those jacks), Erthenvar (pots, knobs, power cables), and Futurelec (.100" headers for power), but the BOMs are pretty generic except for the jacks.

Once that’s done I’ll cut a few Euro panels so those who asked for assembled units can see what they’re buying before committing–I’m just doing unlegended CNC cut mill finish aluminum.

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about international shipping:
I know a few people, (CGS for example) who use envelope mail . he charged about $3.00 for shipping if I recall correctly. This all went perfect. (no trouble at customs)

I sometimes send pcb’s to the USA this way too. way cheaper and mostly as fast as most other options.

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That’s good to hear with customs, thanks for the information. These work out to a smidgen under 1 oz. for a packed set of 2 (6 sets weigh 5.95 oz.), so it’s 50 cents for domestic mail and $1.36 for international (effectively $1.50 = 3 stamps).

Hi - I’d also love one of each, but I also can’t figure out how to PM you…? Can you put me on the list while I work it out please… I’m in the UK, so I’ll want to pay for shipping… many thanks!

Click on my name (“jnoble”), and then click “Message”. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks John, but I don’t get a “Message” option when I click on your name. It’s as though I’m not allowed to message yet? In fairness, I did just join… not sure. I’ll persevere…!

Yeah. It makes you wait a little bit and interact before you get message privileges. It doesn’t take long though! Hang in there! :slight_smile:

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Ah, many thanks @Tan_Sat - it did indeed pop up a little while later. All sorted now.

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Hi, I’m new and waiting for pm to be actived but I would love both pcbs and will message about it as soon as I can. I was just putting together a mouser cart for my first few lzx modules so its perfect timing