DIY ALERT: Sandin IP PCBs: show us your builds and videos!



Mouser parts actually arrived today (that other Mouser box was some back ordered resistors I’d forgotten about …). I got the function generator built and mounted in a partially cut Intellijel 1U tile panel (I managed to snap my only .125" end mill cutting the outside profile, oops). The circuit works great and does some unexpectedly cool things. I’ll post the Mouser cart and pointers to other resources shortly.

I’ll get new end mills on Tuesday. In the meantime I’ll make some dimensioned panel drawings and post them.

Differentiator is next!

P.S. I’ve shipped all but the most recent couple of PCB-only requests. There are about 30 sets remaining.


Hiya, I know im not approved as a member but ive got a vis cortex and would love to assemble these lil guys. Totally understand that im a newb to the forum, but would love to be on any waiting list and be patient. Cheers


@Analogmonster @spaceape – check your messages. :slight_smile:


Got mine yesterday! Thnx @jnoble!!! Thnx @creatorlars!!!


Sorry for not direct messaging, I’m not sure how, I’ve just joined this forum after meeting Lars at Knobcon.

Are any of these left? I love building DIY modules and this would be a cool addition to what I have.


Just PM’d you. THANKS!!!


Also very interested in some sandin ip PCBs, if still available.

…also don’t quite have messaging privileges yet. Thanks!


Hey! If available, I’d take one of each as well! I’m located in Canada so I can cover shipping. -B


W007! Been waiting on these for a while and happy to have a chance to build. Thank you and PMd.b :slight_smile:


Update: 30 sets are spoken for, 22 sets remaining. All PCB-only requests received as of this morning (Monday the 10th) have shipped. I will hold on through at least the end of this week before making a parts order for the assembled unit requests. I will probably cut faceplates this week (pending receipt of some new .125" end mills) and send those out to people with PCB+faceplate requests.

A note to our non-USA friends: no need to inquire about postage for PCB-only shipments to most countries, I’ve got it covered. :slight_smile:


^ the hero we need right here folks.


Does anyone have a part number for the 3.5 mm jacks on the Differentiator? I do not see any obvious matches at digikey or mouser.


These seem to be the ones. I have some on hand but have not yet soldered them in to be 100.00% sure:


Mouser cart for the Function Generator added to the top post.


Updated Function Generator Mouser cart, added Differentiator cart.

Also, @creatorlars, there are some legends on the board that don’t have BOM entries:

  • R29
  • C1
  • C5

I ASSume these are DNP, but it’s always good to confirm.


OK, it’s on my to do queue for the week and I’ll check on that ASAP!


Those legends are for the Differentiator, in case I wasn’t clear. :slight_smile:


Mine arrived today, shout out to @jnoble for sending these out and making it happen. What’s everyone doing for panels? It’s going to kill me if I can’t get them to look at least a little cohesive with the rest of the system.


I stumbled upon a photo of a built unit with all three of those designators showing up as DNP. Since the project was originally pre-built or DIY the photo could be a little off.

Also looks like you got the jack selection dead on.


Nice sleuthing, @JunkRhythm – thanks!

Does J18 link to the flux capacitor?

So many mysteries!