[WIP] DC Distribution Board, 4hp Sync Passthru/DC Input Panel, and 2or4hp 5V-1V Scaler

Heya LZX family,

Here be a few projects we’re working on:


A busboard w/ 14 x 2.1mm DC Barrel Jacks for feeding those various Gen3 modules +12V power. Good for 8A [EDIT: 5A] (each individual connector is rated for 2.5A). Has some basic noise suppression bits on board for smoothing ripple & rejecting common mode noise - a big Wurth Common Mode Filter, Murata BNX-16, and a few big OS-Con caps. Reverse power protection, yeah.

Measures ~ 83mm x 45mm x 30mm. Same bolt/screw spacing as Capsule for the pair of mounting screws.

Has a little 2 port terminal block for direct wiring to whatever jack you may want to feed it from - or wiring it to our INX-1 Input panel.

We’re planning to offer these as a power option alongside an upgraded 14 connector Capsule variant in our cases. If you want to get an idea what our case system is like see Scopic Webstore


4hp DC Input & Sync Pass-through module


2hp or 4hp (your choice) 5V to 1V scaler

I’m going to redo the compo board because I figured out a better layout 1hr after ordering :yum:
Otherwise good to go.

Imagine we’ll do a little run of each, pending interest


These look really great @Jesse!

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Great thinking on the sync passthrough with the power!

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Yes, awesome. I would like to register interest : )

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Ordered revised boards/panels yesterday so should have everything in stock in less than 2 weeks.

Skipped the 4hp scaler panel for now, seemed like a waste :slight_smile:


nice one. you USA based?

Yep, California for the moment


These are now available on our website for purchase.


Made a few small changes, as you can see the cap on DBS relocated to the bottom & INX got some different RCA jacks.

I previously quoted INX-1 as being 8A max input, the Switchcraft jack only handles 5A so take note of that.

DBS-14 $90

INX-1 $80

SCA-5 $80


Looks like our link was broken - its www.scopicmodular.com