What is available for voltage interface 5v-1v

anyone have info on some IN PRODUCTION modules that convert Euro 5v to LZX 1v?

it seems everything i’m looking for is discontinued!
also trying to find one that is 6HP.

thanks for any help!

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yeah passive will work fine!

I like these splix

since they can be an attenuator, 2 input mixer or a panner

the koma electroniks inline attenuators do not work very well as their useable throw for video is very short. Not sure what is going on there.


There’s a maker on Reverb building Cadet modules. Cadet V is 4 scalers in 4HP. If the Cadet V isn’t in stock, just message the maker and he will build it. I have the following:

5 to 1
+/- 5 to 1
1 to 5

From the LZX Cadet github:

LZX Cadet Series EuroRack Video Synthesizer DIY Modules

The designs and release artifacts for these projects are now open source hardware.

You may fabricate any of the original PCB & Frontpanel Gerbers for personal use without restriction.

You may not sell these modules, bare PCBs or kits with the original LZX artwork or under the LZX brand name.

If you sell these modules, open source your derivative work and link back to this repository.

this seller is not complying, so i would advise against buying them, out of principle.
this seller also sells teletect stuff, which im not fond of, though i never specified you couldnt sell them, i think its just bad form.


This same person is also selling BSO, Syntonie and Foxing Hour modules with components not specified in the BOM. Whether they’re the critical components or more for aesthetics, it’s poor form to sell them like that.


what the FRACK?
i mean…
the creators have graciously given everyone explicit use of some of their designs like Ciat-Lonbarde.
if you have the skills and know how to build these things…is it so fracken hard to not brand or rebrand them and point back to the original source?

Cruc-FX and Meng Qi are two that come to mind who respectfully use open source Ciat-Lonbarde designs with great success!


This seller is also building my modules from pcb and selling them commercially.
I asked him to stop doing this, but never got a reply back


isnt it possible to report him to reverb for violating “trademark” rights?

monome saw people starting all the way back in the 40h days copying their work and selling it without permission. Even people that are still around selling different stuff to this day…

On a separate note I commissioned meng qi way back in the day to make me a ciat-lonbarde expander that I bet you’d be interested in reading about if you haven’t @SPIKE

I love that Cruc-FX is so serious about not selling modules it makes me so happy to have been in the ciat family for so many years.

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Oh, I did not know about any of that.

The maker was very helpful to me, building stuff that I was not competent to do.

So for him to comply, he would just need to change the artwork and upload the changes to GitHub?

Maybe I can convince him.

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If he’s building for you on commission, no problem! It crosses the line when it’s advertised as an LZX Industries product publicly. If he wants to do that, we’d prefer he do his own faceplate design at least, and advertise it under his brand name, saying “based on LZX Industries Cadet open hardware designs” or something similar.


Yeah, I understand that. I do want him to change his ways, so before I approach him I need to understand the terms of compliance. Change the artwork and upload the changes to the repository. Anything else?


Hey @SPIKE, there’s also the Wrangler from Visible Signals.

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He doesn’t even need to upload anything. Just not putting “LZX” in the product title and getting the front panels made with no silkscreen layer would be fine, for example. This isn’t killing me, it’s just a request. I realized this would happen from time to time if I released the source files.


I’m anticipating that he may say that “LZX” needs to be in the product title, because search engines. Is there any language that would clarify the status of the product as designed by LZX, but manufactured by another maker? Sorry, this is all new to me.


I in no way support or endorse this maker or anyone who sells BSO modules made by their own hands. I also sell an improved crossfader with correct parts cheaper than they do


“based on LZX Industries Cadet open hardware designs” in the product listing should be sufficient for search algorithms. I think the major issue here is printing the LZX trademark on his product, which would lead to consumer confusion.


Ugh. This just gets worse and worse. I’m so sorry this is happening.

I will try to convince him, but it sounds like others have tried.

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Martijn, can you clarify the issue for me? Is it that the commercially built modules should not have your branding?

How is what this seller is doing different from the commercially available built modules on e.g. Schneidersladen?