DIY ALERT: Sandin IP PCBs: show us your builds and videos!


I remember now. Those are all DNP. The two caps are in parallel with the feedback resistors for the summing amp. You could put something very small there (2pF) if you noticed any ringing. Or something large there if you wanted to intentionally soften the outputs (turning it into a kind of bandpass filter almost.) The extra resistor placement was for adaptation as a replacement board for an original Sandin IP system, where I/Os were 75 ohm driven and terminated. So I’m guessing it’s a gain setting resistor for the output (to drive at 75 ohms, you would want 2X gain.)

I think we’re good.


Looks like you put the function generator cart up in place of the differentiator cart.


Good catch, 20 characters of thanks!


hello, how do i pm you about the pcbs - can i still have one each please? i’m in the uk and just started to join the lzx community. thank you


Interested in one of each. I just joined the community and can’t seem to figure out how to send a direct message…can anyone fill me in?


i’ve used these right-angle 3.5mm jacks from aliexpress for several diy synth modules (PMFoundations). 20 jacks for 1.53 usd - nothing to complain about the jack’s quality.


That’s a crazy deal on those jacks! I’ll build the assembled units with Switchcraft, but thrifty builders should take note of this.


:male_detective: I knew the schematics were around somewhere – found 'em:


Update: 40 sets are spoken for and all PCB-only requests made to date have shipped. I had one set returned for additional postage, but I had a talk with my mail carrier and he apologized and accepted the postage as is. I :heart: USPS

Shipping boxes and mounting screws for assembled modules are en route.

I finally received a pack of .125" end mills today and was able to cut a panel for my own Intellijel tile format IP Function Generator:

I’ll complete the Euro format drawings in the next day or two and start cutting panels. I’m holding off on the electronic parts order through tomorrow (Friday) to accommodate any additional assembled module requests; the order will have enough parts for 2-3 extra modules, so if anyone misses the cutoff they will still have a chance.


Could I get one of each? Just the PCBs…I’d message you directly, but can’t figure out how.


Can confirm i received my PCB’S today shipped to Germany.



@sprthhfk – check your messages. :slight_smile:

@destroythings – 6 days, that’s amazing! Postage was $1.50, it seems like magic.

Further update: I cut a panel for my Differentiator (Intellijel tile format again), and tested everything: it’s a really cool module, and the jacks fit perfectly. Next up: Euro panels!


I’m so happy you are doing 1u tiles are these going to be available for the people who bought assembled units?


Sure, just specify which format you want! I don’t have a Pulp Logic case here for testing that 1U format, but I’m sure his drawings are accurate. You might consider getting Euro faceplates too in case you want to move the modules out of the tile row or get a different case.

I now have these in ModularGrid:


Messaged you. Can’t believe I missed this thread…


mine just came in. Thanks!!


Do you find that the build is sturdy with those 10k pots? I couldn’t for the life of me find the correct right angle ones but was considering doing exactly as pictured above.


Yes, the PCB is so small I’m not worried about it.

This is probably your cheapest option:


germany quicker than canada!


got the boards the day before yesterday! thanks!