DIY ALERT: Sandin IP PCBs: show us your builds and videos!


@jnoble If there are any pcbs left I would love to build one of each! (I can’t find the pm button)



I cut a couple of test panels today and tested them with partial builds of both modules. Everything fits! Drawings for the Euro panels have been added to the top post. “X” marks the spot for center punching, and you can probably get away with a .25" drill for everything. A 6mm drill will be a little small for some toggle switches, maybe, but should otherwise work OK.

This is more or less what the assembled units will look like (many components are missing from the PCBs on these and the knobs are Small Bear Davies clones, not the nicer Erthenvar Davies clones I’ll be using):


I can only imagine that pairing the function generator with the luma processor from the vidiot would be great fun

faceplate art project!


I have done this with the luma processor patch on the Arch, and it’s quite cool indeed.


I received mine in the mail today. Thank you thank you thank you!


Great. Excited for the builds.

Thanks for update.

I guess for scribbling on the panel it would be the same as this?


And same for this.


Yes, the order is the same as the “factory” faceplates as long as the PCB is to the left (looking from the front).


as lars said to me, the proper way to do the panel is with dymo labels. see the original IPs


I’ve been lurking on the forum for some time but this has convinced me to sign up, I’d love a set of PCBs so I’ll be in touch whenever the option to PM is made available, hopefully there will still be some left by then.


Pcbs arrived yesterday. Thank you!!!


Nice to see these getting through the mail safely. :slight_smile:

Sunday update:

Mouser, Digi-Key, and Erthenvar orders were submitted today. I have enough parts coming to fulfill all assembled module requests plus (3) more latecomers. I expect to start shipping completed modules the week of the 24th. I’ll notify you via DM when your set is ready to ship. Domestic USA postage is included in the US$147.00 price; I’ll know the actual international postage once I’m able to weigh a completed & boxed set, but I estimate it will be in the neighborhood of US$10-15 extra.

Panel + PCB orders will start shipping tomorrow. Extra postage is minimal (50 cents), so $20 covers everything.

There are 9 sets of PCBs remaining. I can make as many panels as needed, including for people who already have PCBs, for $10 each, shipped. As a reminder, these are bare aluminum and ready for your Dymo, Sharpie, or psychedelic oil paint art.


came here to say “wwwwoooaaah YEAH!” - sending a PM now :slight_smile:


I would like a pair of these Sandin PCBs.

…embarrassingly I can’t figure out how to PM here.


PCB + Faceplate orders are packed and ready to ship, you should see a message in your inbox if this pertains to you.

Due to an accounting error (aka “John can’t count”), there are actually 4 sets of bare PCBs remaining and 3 assembled sets not yet spoken for.


To PM > click on the person’s name and a “user card” will pop-up with a message button. You need to earn “basic” privileges before you can PM. Read a few topics, read the guidelines, and fill out your profile info. You’ll be well on your way.


a friend tipped me about this so just registered and can’t pm. If there is still some left i would love a set of pcb’s.


@jnoble In the same boat as hansblix. Except would love to get an assembled pair, if one of each remain. Can you PM me? Thanks!

Edit: sorry, just realized how easy it is to get trusted status and PM sent. Should’ve read JonasBers’ post, above.



All the bare PCBs have been shipped! Thanks for the ongoing delivery reports, my packing method was a little experimental. :smiley:

All euro panel orders have shipped as of yesterday also. Any further panel orders will ship after I’ve completed the run of assembled modules.

Shipping boxes, mounting screws, and the Erthenvar order with ribbon cables, pots, and knobs have arrived. I am awaiting parts from Mouser and Digi-Key, which will likely arrive today. I’m still on track to start shipping them early next week.


Got mine yesterday, thanks!!