DIY ALERT: Sandin IP PCBs: show us your builds and videos!


Withstood the extremely damp Florida air like a champ!


whereabouts are you at in florida?

I’m near fort myers and naples
actually on pine island


Ohh! I just saw the europanel measurements update. Gonna 3d print a panel right away! Thanks.


@wednesdayayay. Right on! I’m in Orlando.


damn, I missed it…


Making progress on assembly!


@jnoble - panels & boards arrived today, thanks!
will have to wait until after before I can make a start on them :wink:



All the Differentiators are assembled and ready for testing & packing. I’m working on Function Generators today. To avoid distraction and resulting confusion, I think I’ll finish those before shipping anything so you probably won’t see payment requests until later this week. This has been a fun project!


That is a ton of work, well done!

I skipped the 3d printed panels and built a double unit since I had an extra aluminum one.

Hand drilled it so it isn’t perfect but ah well.


love the hand cut look!


@Branko, that’s a pretty cool idea! Nice work!


… annnnd a full 96hp (my old and semi-famous “FSM” case) of Sandin IP modules nearly ready for testing, packing and shipping. :slight_smile:


Edit: I am late to the party and just joined the forums, so I don’t have access to sending PMs. jnoble I am interested in a set of the S.I.P. based function generator and differentiator modules. Please reach out!



Update: the first notifications for assembled modules have gone out.

Testing on a video synth is pretty cool: I made a visual comparator with a C6 fader and a TVLFO that rapidly switches between a known good module and the device under test (both are being fed a complex image from my Andor 1). The ole Mark I Eyeball picks up even slight differences very easily.


Can anyone chime in with their thoughts on there ever being a euro rack based S.I.P. Amplitude Classifier module ?


I think the Octal Video Quantizer & Sequencer from the Visionary Series is the LZX take on that process.


I haven’t built mine yet (waiting on parts), but I did label the panels. I really didn’t want to sharpie mine, so I used a cheapo label maker and based it mostly on the labels from the LZX panels. I’m pretty pleased with the results, they still look quite DIY but the labels are more legible than my sharpie-ing would have been. I might end up using a sharpie to make the outputs stand out more… We’ll see. Big thanks to @jnoble and @creatorlars (and anyone else who might have been involved)!!


pcbs arrived, i too will have to wait til after vectorhack to assemble them.


It makes me happy to see these out in the wild. :slight_smile:


note for the people who missed the pcb’s:
the schematics are online, you could DIY a PCB run yourself.