FS/FT: Ming Mecca Control Core pcb's & CHA/V

I got some spare Ming Mecca Control Core pcb’s. (no panel)

20,- euro per set of 3 pcb’s with shipping included (non-tracked flat rate)
4 sets available.

I got the build files too, if needed.
The pcb’s were made of the official Gerbers.

And I got 1x CHA/V rev 2.0 2019 PCB. 5,- euro

Trades: any cool video or audio pcb, MTA156 headers (male/female), jacks, pots etc.


Interested in a CC Pcb set, if still available.

Hi Folks!
Does anyone have a repo for the pcb/schematics/gerber for this project?
I would be very interested in doing a run for myself and anyone who wanted a spare board.

HI @Zifor
I still have pcb’s for the Ming Mecca Control core available.

The Gerber files are located on the Special Stage Systems website, which can be found through the waybackmachine on the internet archive, or at the Video DIY google drive: