Looking for TVFKG, Trading Visionary/Expedition/Orion Modules

Long time lurker, first time poster!

I am looking for a Triple Video Fader and Key Generator. I have quite a collection of the rare and discontinued LZX catalog in multiples and am hoping to trade for a TVFKG. I am in the US and can also do cash. :pray:

EDIT: Also have a day one Chromagnon preorder for trade.


Apologies for bump! Heard about a TVFKG in the wild on the Video Circuits FB group today. Really hoping to get my hands on one, holler if you happen to have one available!

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It showed up on the FB page and got snagged pretty quick. Good luck on your hunt.

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Thank you Monsieur Trice!

Everyone should have multiple TVFKG’s, it’s a crying shame that this module has been out of stock for like half a decade. It’s the most useful multipurpose phenomenal utility module

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There’s a Gen3 update in the works for this module. 2022 keeps getting closer…


So does Fall!!! :grin:


I have a prototype TVFKG for trade; only the Keyer circuitry works, no Fader/etc. Test session: LZX Triple Video Fader & Key Generator prototype fed by 2 Staircases - YouTube