Cadet old stock - PCBs only

Just listed the excess Cadet PCBs on the LZX site. No front panels available–boards only.

It will be fun to see the panels y’all come up with. Happy soldering!


OK, it’s not a huge choice available but if you have a Visual Cortex & don’t have the Cadet IV Ramps, then do yourself a favour & get one because as much as I love the VC’s two 3-way switches in it’s Ramp output section, the Cadet Ramps allows me to have curved ramps coming from the VC & linear lines from the Cadet.


+1 for pairing a Cadet IV with VisCtx. very handy to have some dedicated static ramps around to free up the fancy ramp gen in the VisCtx! works super well normalled to one of Fox’s YRGB Distros (a.k.a. Mult B) so you can send ramps all over the place with minimal patching.


Ordered a IV. I suspect I’ll just be drilling holes a 4HP blank and attacking it with a sharpie, but keen to hear if anyone else has more graceful approaches to the front panel.


@Z0NK0UT are the dimensions of the face plate available somewhere, particularly for the placement of the jacks relative to the edges of a 4hp blank?

Alternatively, if someone has a faceplate for the IV lying around and could trace out the edges and jack holes, then scan that, that would be very helpful.


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Unfortunately I don’t have the faceplate measurements (LZX doesn’t have any panels in stock), but someone with a Cadet IV handy should be able to help out.

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I have files for II /IV /V . Fusion, Eagle, gerber and AI. The layout for II came from the PCB alone but IV/V came from a factory made panel.

The files have not been fab tested but the printout looks p sweet.

Planning to put a run in thru JLC once I decide how I wanna panelize them.

If anyone wants files - I will push to my GitHub later today. Most likely keep private till the size is final so folks don’t make bad panels but also not trying to hide it if people want…

also…fwiw im bored with the art I made, but wanted to get something out the door. (done is better than perfect)


Measurements are in mm, from the bottom edge up, to centre of each hole:

On the centre line of the panel, of course…and may be off by +/- 0.2mm, but if you’re marking out by hand you’ll only get within 0.5mm anyway.
I’d use a 6.5mm or 1/4" drill bit, accepting the socket fit will be a bit sloppy to account for errors in your marking and drilling.


All LZX cadet PCBs use 0.1" spacing, so get your imperial calipers out :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the Cadet IV measurements.

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I picked up digital calipers this morning, just before meeting up with an anthropologist I’d met online for a date (a socially distanced walk around the inner suburbs of Sydney, which is good as we can do in our current lockdown).

She didn’t appreciate my skull measurement/phrenology jokes.


Of course you’d say that… you have the brainpan of a stagecoach tilter!


Hey just a follow up on this.

Cadet 2,4,5 panels are back! Not horrible :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happened to a few of the letters - the art submitted was fine on my end…

I’ve checked fit with a CUI part versus a proper PJ302M but the CUI part is larger diameter… the single 302M fit like a charm once i nutted it down. will maybe tighten up holes on rev2. More details in the readme…

all the files for the process are here, as well as a really rough breakdown how I did it - see the read-me.


I apologize its using not using open source software, but I’ve been using eagle for 15 years and its hard to stop when I really want to just cruise on something. Happy to mash a file into another format if someone needs.


I realize now one reason why @creatorlars works on all the face-panels at the same time.

Having mounted these now, the outline border being different on all 3 is driving me NUTS! Lol.



ah, it would be great to unify the look of my cases - is anyone making a run of silver panels for Cadet? Are folx up for a group buy?

Could be interested depending on the cost (inc. postage to Australia). We’re in lockdown here in Sydney, which makes the option I was thinking of - using a friend’s 3D printer to make up a panel - a little less viable.

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