Cadet IV Dual Ramp Generator module size/compatibility question

I am considering building a Cadet IV ramp generator module, but when I look at the PCB, it appears that the finished module may be too deep to fit in my case-- I have a Vessel. Does anyone know whether it fits or not? It sure looks like it doesn’t.

Also, am I going to have sync problems given that all my stuff has the newer RCA sync connections?

I don’t have a Vessel, but judging from the specs, the Cadet IV will indeed be too deep.
It needs to be synced with a 14-pin ribbon cable, which requires Cadet I (which might just fit in the Vessel) or Visual Cortex, if my understanding is correct. But I’m guessing you don’t own a VC, because then you’d already have a ramp generator :slightly_smiling_face:.

I do have a VC, but I’d like to have more ramp outputs with different shapes.

then you can connect it with the 14pin connector on the VC.

Except it sounds like it’s not going to fit in the case I have, and running a 14 pin ribbon cable from case to case seems suboptimal. Oh well.

If you do want to put it in a different case, I think you could build a Cadet 1 Sync Generator also and then just run an RCA sync cable from your vessel to the Cadet 1 sync input, which provides sync to your Cadet IV. Pretty sure that’d work. Kind of roundabout method, though.

Almost forgot: You could also mount the PCB inside on the bottom of the Vessel, separate from the front panel, and just run wires between the PCB and the jacks on the panel. (You could then use Thonkicon jacks, too, or the kind that are like Thonkicons but with lugs – might be easier than the Cadet spec’d jacks in a situation like this.) The PCBs of all the Cadets have mounting holes specifically so you can mount them separate from the panel, if desired.

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and you can link the cases through a extra Sync gen. - to confirm that option.

As for the DIY option:
If you can make your own panel you could stack a few pcb’s together, to justity the wider panel.
to accomodate the size of the Ramps pcb sideways.
for example 2x Ramps , or Ramps and a VCO