Chromagnon and Cadet sync question

I got a build request with the question on how to sync a Cadet Ramps module with the upcoming Chromagnon.

So how would that work? Does it have the 14pin connector or H+V sync on the power connector?

I could not find it at the Chromagnon page / features.

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Chromagnon will only have RCA sync. There is an upcoming sync distribution module that will convert 14-pin to RCA.

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Do you mean it will be able to sync from RCA to 14pin?
just to be clear

And another option could be to plug the RCA sync in a Cadet Sync generator, which then syncs the Dual Ramp generator (Cadet 4) , is that correct?

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Correct on both questions.


But Cadet 4 doesn’t have RCA. It’s 1/8th” .

@reverselandfill is correct here. The patching scenario being described is taking a CVBS signal from Chromagnon (or any composite source, really) and patching it into the front RCA input on Cadet I.
Cadet I then genlocks to that signal and provides sync pulses on the 14 pin connector and CV/gate bus. Cadet IV attaches to Cadet I through the 14 pin sync cable.

All of the 3.5mm jacks on the front of Cadet IV are for patching its ramp outputs elsewhere in the system–it has no front panel inputs.

I see. I wish I could get my hands on a Cadet I. I need to sync my Vidiot with the Cadet modules.