Modules trades?

Hi LZX’n folx! I’m slowly getting familiar with the LZX Community Forum. I haven’t found the place/protocol to swap modules… is this verboten?


most of that seems to go on at one or more of the following places:
facebook lzx group
facebook video gear b/s/t group

from what I can tell

but why not here?
some people don’t have/want facebook, so another (more focused on video) place would be cool.

start a thread?


Can you link to the video buy sell trade group? Also I would much prefer to have a subforum here. I don’t check Facebook very often and it would be difficult to keep up with sales/trades there in any case.

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Folks have just been posting buy sell trade on a case by case basis here so far. I would just make a post with your proposed trade and interested parties can Private message you with any interest.


Good to see you on the forum @bentoncbainbridge! Love the Rue Bainbridge work you two did last year!


I am one of those people - dropped Facebook after they helped the Internet Research Agency elect the Russian president, and totally Zuckerfree for 2020!

So, here are my LZX and BSO offers:

Audio Frequency Decoder (one LED is not lighting, otherwise working perfectly) ON HOLD, Cadet VCO, Cadet Fader, Cadet Scaler, Video Logic ON HOLD, Video Waveform Generator, Color Video Encoder, Video Sync Generator, Staircase (missing the retaining screw in the center and some panel marks; working perfectly), Castle 110 Counter, LZX Vessel case (Golden Yellow) with wheeled flight case and Ergotron base

BSO Triple Video VCA, Hexadirectional fader Mixer, Triple Video LFO, QVAM Quad Video Attenuator Mixer

and here are my LZX wants:
Visual Cortex, Topogram, Memory Palace, Castle 101 Quad Gate, Fortress, Diver (silver panels would be nice if anyone has them!)

I have other non-LZX stuff to offer / that I want, or we can use cash or crypto to even things out?


hi Emmett, good to see you here! We are premiering a new Rue Bainbridge piece next week with New Media & Sound Art Fest called I’ll Wear a Mask for You


@bentoncbainbridge that looks amazing! Very cool! I might have a few LZX pieces for trade. I will send you a message tomorrow.

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I don’t have anything to trade or sell but please please let’s not use Facebook. It’s a force for incredible ill. I’ve been a scholar of network culture for two decades and published books about it, but what FB has become is so bad that I don’t feel it’s an exaggeration that it could end civilization one day. I wish all manufacturers would not use it.


(again I’m not sure of the LZX Community policies, so please let me know if I’m supposed to start a new thread?)

@catbiscuits please share links to your books!

Facebook’s business culture gave us secret police on the streets of Portland, OR.

Hi Benton, here is one. I was the editor. When we published the book, we thought that it would go out of date quickly. Much of it has not. See the chapter on politics, which I can’t take credit for. You can find it in the usual underground sites…


I would also be interested in a BPMC Fluxus Duo or other Eurorack video modules.

Looks like I can no longer edit my earlier posts in this thread…?

Well, the Vessel is no longer available. I have possible leads on Fortress and Castle 101 but still looking for all else on my list, thanks!

I have an LZX Cyclops for trade! Let me know if anyone is interested.

I ain’t got anything you’re looking for to trade but I’m interested if you’d sell any of the BSO modules

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hi @Psychoflauge please give me a few days to think about that. I’ve sometimes come to regret selling modules, so I’m preferring trades ATM. If you have anything else to offer in trade, please DM?

I’ve got a curtain but I doubt you need one of those

VWG and Video Logic have traded. I no longer need the Castle 101. Vessel is on consignment at Control. AFD is on hold. Who has a Topogram, Diver and Fortress to trade with me?

Hey Dm your PayPal info I’ll get that BSO tvvca

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