Modules trades?

I’m looking for a Color Chords and Passage if anyone is looking to sell or trade. I have a Cadet I Sync Generator to trade towards it.

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Does anyone with a vessel need an ergotron VESA stand? I have one I’m no longer using to sell/trade. I am on the hunt for a Prismatic Ray.

Found a brand new Topogram. Before I order, just a quick check to see who’s holding… Here’s my current trade offers

I couldn’t wait any longer! I’ve ordered my brand spanking new Topogram. Here’s my updated list of offers/wants for trade:


Spotted this PVM on SF Bay Area Craigslist:
Be safe, Californian friends!

hi folx, I’m still missing a few modules from my LZX case. Who’s ready to trade me a Voltage Interface, Fortress, Diver, Memory Palace or Visual Cortex?

I have a few more things to offer, including freshly modded Vectrex and Wobbulator, CRTs including a 36" Trinitron and PVMs and BVMs, other studio AV gear including a Leader LBO-51MA, and an updated list of Eurorack modules including LZX

Woohoo! I just found my Diver here on LZX Community!

I still seek: Visual Cortex, Fortress, Voltage Interface, Memory Palace.

I have to trade: VWG, PR, Color Chords, and much more great gear as linked above

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Messaged you about Color Chords.

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