FS Vidiot (Reverb Link)

First of all, I hope this is an ok post. If not, I’ll take it down. I found a discussion about adding buy / sell / trade, but I can’t find a final verdict on whether or not it would be allowed. One flag was about LZX liability if someone has an issue with a trade, so I’m only posting a Reverb listing, https://reverb.com/item/32811662-lzx-industries-vidiot for safety reasons and to avoid any liability concerns.

I’m not thrilled to part with the Vidiot (you can see my posts about it on this board, I’ve really enjoyed my time) but for a bunch of unrelated to the Vidiot reasons, I need to sell. I’ve already received a few lowball offers from buyers that I read as speculators / resellers. I’d really like this thing to go directly to someone that really wants it but is having trouble finding a new one. If you mention this post in a offer, I’ll treat it differently than other offers :slight_smile:

EDIT: Price drop based on some feedback!