Selling 1 x Chromagnon Pre-Order

Howdy fellow video-synth enthusiasts!

After a huge amount of deliberating, I’ve finally decided (rather sadly) to sell my Chromagnon pre-order.

As much as it breaks my heart, my financial situation has changed since first purchasing this pre-order, and at this point I’d prefer the money back in my pocket than the device.

I ordered back in February of last year, so you’d be fairly far up the queue. Would be looking for 1200 AUD (or 800 USD), but am open to negotiation.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email at

Apologies to admins if this isn’t the right place for this! I wasn’t sure where else to post besides the official FB group, where I haven’t gotten much traction, and was told by the support team that this would be fine.

Anyway thanks all, and I hope everyone reading this is having a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:


How does selling the pre-order work? Are LZX allowing a paid pre-order to be shipped to another country instead? Would be interested if so as I’m in Ireland.

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I don’t work for lzx but,

I bought a preorder from someone in Russia & the seller just CC’d LZX sales and they notated it in the order. I live in the USA.

I don’t think they Can change the email on the original order, so the seller will
Get the confirm email and shipping/tracking -
but lzx can change the shipping address.
Once it was all done LZX sent me a PDF invoice with the order # and the new shipping addy as my own.

Hope this helps


Chromagnon is most likely a prohibited export item as far as exporting to Russia is concerned.

Even if it’s not FedEx and UPS aren’t shipping there

That’s probably why the Russian customer sold his preorder.