FS: Selling my Chromagnon Pre-Order

Hi! I’m new here… Was hoping to jump into this video synth world awhile ago…
I pre-ordered Chromagnon and I’ve been waiting, but looking to sell now.
I’ve seen a few other selling pre-orders, so I figured I’d give it a shot.
Trying to recoup my cost of $1200.
I see the price has now increased here at LZX to $1599.

So, if anyone is interested in getting Chromagnon for my original price, I’m selling for $1200 usd.

I’m new, but I have a ton of feedback on ebay and other music related forums, just DM me and we can share info, etc.
Also, I’m not 100% sure how the transfer of pre-order will actually happen - so if anyone would like to reply and enlighten me/us, that would be great!

Update… This preorder has been sold. (yay!)
I’ll be transferring over the details to LZX tonight.
Thanks @Dr.forscience


Please, the pleasure has been mine! @NoFace

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Have they started shipping Chromagnon yet?!

Did you check their website?