FS: Selling Chromagnon Pre-Order

My situation has changed and I need to sell my Chromagnon pre-order and other various gear. I’m thinking $1300 would be a decent discount over purchasing a pre-order now. Please get in touch.

Also, I’m selling my Gieskes 3TrinsRGB+1c with 4 plugins, 2 comparators, and blank PCBs for the RGB output modules on reverb under the store name V8.


I don’t think that posts can be edited, so I’m adding a followup message that I’m lowering the price to $1200, as I saw that number for other people selling their pre-orders.


Hi, is this still available?

Hi, I’m in the process of doing a sale of the preorder with someone. I’ll update the post if that doesn’t happen and the Chrogmagnon pre-order becomes available again.

My 3Trins is still available.

Alright, I appreciate the reply. Already have a 3trins, myself!

I couldn’t find your shop on reverb, btw.

Good luck on the sale, but if it doesn’t manifest, I gotcha!

Ah, good point, I paused my reverb store while I was out of town. I just turned off out of town mode if you want to take a look.

My Chromagnon pre-order has been paid for and transferred, thanks to user infinitystairs on here and LZX for facilitating that transfer!

My 3Trins with accessories and some other music-related stuff is still available at my Reverb store: V8 | Reverb


Thanks for the great communication and easy transfer process @v8media and LZX! So very excited for the Chromagnon.