Can anyone shed some clarity on a Chromagnon Pre-order (not from LZX) please / AITA?

Long story short, I paid a deposit with a distributor (not LZX) back at the start of 2021, to ensure I paid the price when it was released, for the price it was at then. The shop confirmed they had plenty on order and I had snagged one.

The shop has now come back saying that the costs of all the original orders have gone up (by over £300) due to the chip shortage and that LZX are passing this on to them and thus them to me.

It was my understanding that the costs were staying the same for all the preorders. So, is this only pre-orders direct from the site, and not for distributors that had ordered?

I understand if it is this way, but seems odd and incredibly frustrating as I would have ordered from the LZX site to ensure the pre-chip-shortage price.

Basically, AITA or is the shop incorrect?

Twenty characters of Which distributor?

All dealers are expected to have a preorder with us before offering preorders to their customers. So for example, if you paid for your order in 2021 before the price increase, your dealer should have already placed the order with LZX (meaning they should have paid the price before the increase went into effect.) That would be my expectation. On our end, orders are queued up based on sale date regardless of whether the order comes from a dealer or a customer. If a dealer took a partial deposit but did not also place the order with LZX, then it is correct that they would be paying the new price when placing the order.

To be clear, we haven’t and aren’t asking anyone to pay an additional amount for their Chromagnon preorders (dealers or direct customers.)


Thank you Lars, this is the response I was hoping for and will take back to the distributor

@rempesm I’m not sure what you mean here sorry

I was curious which distributor you pre-ordered from that caused this concern. The forum requires at least twenty characters to post so ‘twenty characters of…’ is a common preface for short questions.

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ahh, apologies!

I think it would be unfair to call them out publicly whilst it’s still in discussion. If they decide not to honor the paid deposit/original price and act fairly, then I’ll most definitely update the post and call them out.


Yeah – likely there’s just been a misunderstanding somewhere? You can always reach out to to discuss in more detail, too.


I hope so! Thanks and will do

The shop just got back to me and confirmed it was a misunderstanding / they didn’t realise they’d already paid for the orders way back when.

What a relief!

Thanks @creatorlars