LM6172 group buy <<we hit 500!>>


There was some interest in doing a groupbuy for LM6172 IC’s
If we can get to 250 or 500 pieces, it will become interesting.
If you ordered a pcb (set) of the Triple Function Generator with me,
I can send them along without extra cost.

If not, I don’t know if the shipping cost will be too much - this will depend on how much IC’s you want. the weight…

Best option is Mouser, because they pay the taxes & shipping

Mouser price breaks:

[1:] € 4,23
[10:] € 3,80
[100:] € 3,11
[250:] € 2,92
[500:] € 2,65
[1000:] € 2,24
[2500:] € 2,12

Anyway, let’s make a list!

-1: Reverselandfill: 40
-2: Agawell: 35 - payed
-3: sean: 20 - payed
4: otoskope: 60 -contacted
5: Analogmonster: 20 -contacted
-6: addamm: 20 -payed
-7: Marizu: 10 -payed
-8: brknfixie: 30 -payed
-9: gosseyn: 20 -payed
10: pbalj: 100 -contacted
-11: aladan: 20 -payed
-12: vdot: 20 -payed
13: mwmw: 15 -contacted
-14: VanTa: 10 -payed
-15: jevergreen: 30 -payed
-16: DataGeneral: 15 -payed
17: TheLoneVidiot: 30 -contacted
18: Sudo: 10 -contacted
19: Fritz: 40 -contacted
20: Snufkin (muff) :40 -contacted
21: SOFEX: 20 -contacted
-22: Dewb: 30 -payed
23: cinema.av: 20 -contacted
24: tom tones(muff): 12 -contacted
-25: whelm: 10 -payed

<<<<<< total: 677 >>>>>>>

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I’m in
2: Agawell: 20

Okay, count me in for 20.

I have a bunch of Cadets and Castles waiting (plus just ordered your TripleFunGen) so I’d be in for 60.

I need to do some BOMing first, so I will say 20 for now but perhaps more

I can safely say I’ll be in for 10 (maybe more as it comes down to it). In no hurry and will probably wait for your mixer and get the opamps, mixer, and function generator together- but happy to prepay for the group buy either way! Thanks for organizing this!

10 for me, please. England, UK.

The pricing seems to be a little better if ordered direct from TI: https://www.ti.com/store/ti/en/p/product/?p=LM6172IN/NOPB
(Though I don’t know if that holds true if ordering to Europe.)

those are SMD only.
I was considering to have a footprint for those on my pcb’s. as alternative and possible cheaper solution.
but most Cadet and Castle designs don’t have 'm… and adapter boards will make 'm more expensive again …

I would be in for 20

I just looked at what I’m intending to build this year - better make that 30 for me Martijn!!!



I’m in for 20 as well ! Thanks a lot for this Martijn

It shows pdip when i click that page for me.

anyway, pending $$ i might be in for 100 or 200

That TI link should be going to PDIP, since that’s what LM6172IN/NOPB is. For me it shows an SOIC pic, but it’s the PDIP page.

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aha, I see now.
the price is without taxes . when I do a test checkout, this stays the same.
There might be import taxes though. Mouser takes care of those when I order there.
shipping to NL is 7,- euro

I’d like 20 please, probably more if we can get to the 500 price break.

I would like 20 as well. Thank you.

I’ll go for 15 please :slight_smile:

10 for me as well please :smiley:

Ok, I think we hit the total
It would be optimal if we got to the 500 break point.
I might order some more for myself, but not 120 more. (I’m not made of gold)

For payment and shipping:

  • people who also ordered a PCB set or kit with me, pay no extra shipping for the LM6172 ic’s.
  • people who only order the LM6172’s, there will be added shipping.

I’ll contact everybody!