LM6172 group buy part 2 - feb 2020

A new thread is better!

Status: 250 LM6172’s have been ordered
When the order is delivered , I’ll contact everybody.
Payment can be Paypal or bank transfer (EU)

Price mark: 3,01 ex VAT
no spare ones left !


@X.Chen 10 - shipped
@marizu 10 - payed
@souka 45 - payed
@Temp_hill 10 + 4046 - shipped
@trbsnd 10 - shipped
@hdd 10 - shipped

total: 250

Shipping info:
5,50 untracked,
12,- tracked
I ship from Italy


Let’s go for 10 on my side

You can put me down for 10!

EDIT: Oh shit, wasn’t following the other thread. Is this order already spoken for?

sorry, they are all spoken for

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The lm6172’s are in! - ultra fast :slight_smile:
I’ll contact everybody tomorrow!


everybody is contacted.
I still have to check the exact price for shipping with tracking. I think it will be about 12,50, but may it is cheaper, I don’t know.

If anyone requests it, I’ll go to the postoffice to see.
Untracked shipping is cheaper. but don’t go complaining about the shipping time. It can be slow.

Disclaimer: I don’t make any profit of this groupbuy. Last time I forgot about the VAT. But I do have to pay for this, so this time it is included in the price.

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tracked shipping is 12,- euro
(The price is rounded off, to cover my packaging costs)