[ORDER] Triple Function Generator

The Triple Function Generator Project

This module is based on schematics by D.Sandin & L.Larsen
I picked up this project because the pcb’s are not available anymore.
The Function Generator is a very useful module to have in a (DIY) video setup.
You can adjust the “Lights” , “Mids” and “Darks” in the input signal.
Effectively it works a bit like an equalizer, but you can also go negative. This will get you solarised effects.

I setup the design to work as a triple colorizer, as the Cadet system has black & white video input.
With this module, you can easily recolor the incoming images.
The inputs can be normalled together to achieve this. (there are connection pads on the pcb’s)
Feedbacking this and through other modules will also give cool results! — hint: more on this later

pcb & panel images:

The panel is made of pcb material and is 14HP wide.
I have 7 sets available now. I have ordered more. >status: shipped

note: It looks like I made a small error with the panel holes :frowning:
If you use inserts it won’t fit . damn.
I’ll make new panels and use these instead.
If you use sliding nuts there is no problem though.

Please reply with what you want to order.
I’ll make a list.

Prices: (ex shipping)
Full PCB SET (3x PCB + Panel) : 48,- euro
Single PCB (1x PCB): 12,- euro
Full kit: 110,- euro.
Build unit: I might do one. PM me

Flat rate shipping is 9,- euro for EU and international, 6,- euro for NL

status updates date 12-08-19:
kits: ready!
new panel: ready!
main pcb’s: ready!

BOM is here: refresh page if you don’t see it, or click ‘Download BOM’ . buildguide later.

Build Thread:
Let’s continue this here:
I’ve posted the BOM there too.

I’ll contact the first eight about the orders…
The rest I’ll keep updated on when the next batch arrives.

Order list
1: Agawell: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
2: gosseyn: single PCB -> payed and shipped
3: csboling: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
4: sean: kit -> payed
5: 743v04: Full kit -> payed
6: xrs: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
7: SOFEX: Full PCB set -> payed and picked up
8: mwmw: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped

9: Genlok: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
10: Resonant_Space: Full PCB set -payed
11: synlog: full kit -contacted
12: brknfixie: Full PCB set -payed
13: av_cinema: Full PCB set -contacted
14: VanTa: Full kit -payed
-15: Marizu : Full PCB set -payed
16: hdd: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
17: rossgrady : Full PCB set -payed & shipped
18: fluxmonkey : Full PCB set -payed & shipped
19: TomTones(@muff): 3x pcb no panel - contacted
20: otoskope: Full PCB set -contacted
21: Analogmonster: Full PCB set -contacted
22: pathein(@muff): Full PCB set -payed & shipped
23: aladan: Full PCB set -payed
24: perdex: Full PCB set -payed payed & shipped
25: Whelm: Full PCB set -payed
26: aaronsbrown: Full PCB set -payed & shipped


Hi Martijn
I’ll take a Full PCB set please

I’ll take a single PCB if that’s ok. I’ll understand if you’d rather sell full sets first. Thanks for your work on this.

I’ll also definitely take a full PCB set! Super excited to have a chance to get some function generators since I missed the last PCB runs. Thank you for all your awesome contributions to the DIY video synth tradition!

Definitely interested in a full set. Probably the full kit, if the price stays around what you are predicting, but at least the full PCBs + panel. Thanks!

I’ll take a full kit please!

Please put me down for a full PCB set.

I’d like a full PCB set, thanks!

Full PCB set please Martijn. Great work on this project! :slight_smile:

The BOM is up on my site.
I’ve added the total parts of the 3 pcbs.
for the prototype I used a multicable for power. That might be the best solution.
I will include it in the kit.
You can also power it with 3 separate cables.
note: i’ve just ordered more pcb’s

I would like the 3 PCB + panel set!

Would like a full pcb+panel set. Thanks.

I want a full kit. Thank you.

Looks great - A Full PCB + Panel Set please :smiley:
Shipping to Australia

Full kit for me please :slight_smile:

Hi. I’d like a full set, please (3 pcb’s and a panel).
Thank you.


I’m interested in a full PCB set.



Hey Martijn
consider yourself PM’ed

I’d like one full set, shipping to US. THANKS


I’d like to order a full set (pcbs+panel), shipping to Sweden. I might also join in on the group buy from your other thread. Looking up my needs right now.