[ORDER] Triple Function Generator

I would also like a full pcb set please, uk shipping

I have discovered (thanks to Agawell) that there is a small issue with the panel mounting holes. :frowning:
If you use inserts it won’t fit . damn. by 0.5HP
If you use sliding nuts there is no problem though.

I’ll make new panels and keep you updated.

to the first group: if you need a new panel please contact me.

I’ll take a new panel please Martijn
no rush though I need the lm6172s before I can build it!

The new panels are ordered :crazy_face:


Anybody willing to mule one to the US for me heh?
Oh i didn’t understand the post, I thought you weren’t shipping outside of the EU.
I would take a full kit.

what do you mean?
I could ship 2 pcb sets in one package. if you know someone living near you.

update: the kits from the first batch are ready, except for the new panel, which is in production now

note: these are the biggest kits I have ever done :smiley: fat packs!


I would like the 3 PCB + panel set!

I’d love a PCB Set, shipped to Canada.

Hi. I’m in for a Full PCB Set if possible, shipping to US. Thanks!

I’ve added you to the list. Thanks!

the panels are in!
small note: there is a small identification number on the panel, bottom left. sorry about this.

I’ll contact everybody on the list
If any of you also joined in with the LM6172 groupbuy, it will take a bit longer as I have to collect all the funds and order + receive the IC’s

This friday I am going on a holiday to Italy. I do hope to send out some of the packages this week.


A little late to the party but I would like to throw myself on the list for 1 pcb/panel if available.

I’ll pick up on the orders in 2 weeks. I’m going on a holiday tomorrow !

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Awesome, thank you and have a good holiday!

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I think i misunderstood the op. I’ll take a full kit shipped to the US when available!

I’m really late, but would love a full PCB Set please!

If it’s not too late, I’ll take a full kit.

I’d be down for a full kit with shipping to the US if one is still available.

Mine was received this week. Thanks!

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