[ORDER] Triple Function Generator

I can’t seem to edit the first post anymore, so I will continue it here:

Order list

batch 1:
1: Agawell: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
2: gosseyn: single PCB -> payed and shipped
3: csboling: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
4: sean: kit -> payed and shipped
5: 743v04: Full kit -> payed and shipped
6: xrs: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped
7: SOFEX: Full PCB set -> payed and picked up
8: mwmw: Full PCB set -> payed and shipped

batch 2:
9: Genlok: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
10: Resonant_Space: Full PCB set - shipped
11: synlog: full kit -payed and shipped
12: brknfixie: Full PCB set -shipped
13: av_cinema: Full PCB set -shipped
14: VanTa: Full kit -payed and shipped
15: Marizu : Full PCB set -payed and shipped
16: hdd: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
17: rossgrady : Full PCB set -payed & shipped
18: fluxmonkey : Full PCB set -payed & shipped
19: TomTones(@muff): 3x pcb no panel - shipped
20: otoskope: Full PCB set -shipped
21: Analogmonster: Full PCB set -payed and shipped
22: pathein(@muff): Full PCB set -payed & shipped
23: aladan: Full PCB set -shipped
24: perdex: Full PCB set -payed payed & shipped
25: Whelm: Full PCB set -shipped
26: aaronsbrown: Full PCB set -payed & shipped
27: dondon: Full PCB set - shipped
28: northerntao: Full kit - payed and shipped
29: rempesm: Full kit - payed & shipped
30: Tronotape: Full PCB set: payed & shipped

batch 3:
1: 337is: 2x kit
2: addamm: Full PCB set + extra’s
3: copbypear: Full kit
4: Kharmasabits: Full PCB set
5: visual_lies: Full PCB set
6: Luix: Full kit

You can put me down for a pcb+panel set. We spoke in a PM (or maybe email?)- I’m happy to wait for the LM6172s and maybe a matrix mixer pcb/panel set should that become available and consolidate everything together. No hurry on my end!

ok I have 1 set for you reserved. (and ready)
I’ll order new ones soon-ish

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Jut wanted to double check you got me on the list for a pcb/panel. Thanks.

Officially you were in before addamm, so I guess so .
@addamm: are you ok with this? The new pcb’s will be ordered soon, and then I’ll make a package for you with the matrix mixer

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@tronotape: the panel is for 3 pcb’s

@cobypear: are you ok with being on the next batch?

– as for this hassle: I’m moving to Italy for a year, and leave in a month. This means chaos in my head (more than usual) so sorry for the mixups. I’m doing the best I can.

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I am super flexible so as long as I can eventually grab a set whatever is easiest for you is fine with me.

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@reverselandfill Yes, works for me!

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For sure - I have no problem waiting for the next batch. Happy to wait to get everything shipped at once or whatever is convenient on your end.

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Hi, packaging has been well received and everything looks perfect ! :slight_smile:
I’m wondering if anyone that has one finished can post it to modular grid ?
Is there any idea about cosumption can we consider +12 75 mA and -12 75 mA ?

I’d like to be added to the list for a full pcb set! Thanks!

I would like to order a full set as well.

new pcb’s and panels are ordered today.

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Most PCB sets are shipped!

@analogmonster : please send me your address info!

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Most kits are shipped.

Note: I’ve tried my best assembling the kits. If somehow I missed something please contact me

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Thanks Martijn! Appreciate your work on the project and putting together the LM6172 group buy.

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the new pcb’s are in production


And that’s how my weekend starts…
Thaaaaanks :smiley:

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If you have questions about the build , ask 'm in the buildthread
I’ll try to answer asap :slight_smile: - or others maybe can help too!

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update: the pcb’s are shipped to me